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61 ► State Sen. Juan Hinojosa of McAllen, TX; serial scofflaw
62 ► Houston/San Antonio legislators misappropriating state funds – tax avoidance
63 ► Additional Houston/San Antonio legislators misappropriating state funds – tax avoidance
64 ► Texas Rep. Charles Howard of Sugar Land; scofflaw, ethical gremlin
65 ► Texas State Rep. Carl Isett of Lubbock; scofflaw, moron, ethically impoverished
66 ► Texas Sen. Mike Jackson a scofflaw; certified moron, ethically moribund
67 ► Rep. Ted Kuempel of Sequin, Texas a scofflaw; ethical gremlin, certified moron
68 ► Today’s Dumbo Award Winner is Texas State Rep. Ken Legler
69 ► Letter to Travis County DA re: legislators misappropriating state funds
70 ► Sen. Eduardo Lucio serial scofflaw; certified moron and ethically in-the-tank
71 ► Texas State Senator Eduardo Lucio - Ethical Lepercon Par Excellence
72 ► Sen. Eduardo Lucio of Brownsville; serial scofflaw; certified moron, ethical gremlin
73 ► Sen. Eddie Lucio – Texas’ Legislative “Caloric Intake” Award Winner
74 ► Texas Rep. Marisa Marquez of El Paso; scofflaw; moron, ethical elf
75 ► Assistant AG Jeff Mateer of Austin, TX; bigoted homophobe
76 ► Texas Asst AG Nick Moutos: Today’s “Bigoted Loser” Award Winner
77 ► Texas Lt. Gov. Dr. Dan Patrick: Today’s “Loony Quack Doctor” Award Winner
78 ► Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Today’s “NRA Ass-Kissing Bigot” Award Winner
79 ► Watchdawg’s Letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry re: “The Response” Sponsors
80 ► Gov. Rick Perry – aspiring fiction author’s first book titled “Fed-Up” (FU)
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