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Judge Katherine Cooper of Phoenix; sex offender’s friend


The state of Arizona presented Katherine M. Cooper license in 1987 after she graduated from the University of Virginia Law School.


In September 2011, Gov. Jan Brewer was duped into appointing Kathy as Maricopa County Superior Court judge. Kathy didn’t receive the appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in the Phoenix area. She received it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, Judge Cooper’s live-in in boyfriend for the past two years is a registered sex offender, a convicted felon out of California and was recently arrested at her central Phoenix home on a warrant for being a fugitive from justice (CBS 5, Phoenix)


In early January 2015, New York City detectives traveled to Phoenix to locate and arrest Michael Krause, 42, after a grand jury in New York City indicted him for grand larceny via the use of extortion.


The detectives found Mr. Krause at the central Phoenix home owned by Judge Cooper after they couldn’t locate him at a rundown trailer at a Mesa RV park where he rented space. The RV park is the address the state of Arizona has on record for Krause as a result of his sex offender registration requirement.


During his first court appearance, Krause’s attorney Michael Morrissey admitted that Krause lived at Judge Cooper’s Phoenix home where he was arrested and that he’d had a relationship with her for the past two years.


Cooper refused to speak to CBS 5 News; however she issued the following hyperbolic (BS) statement:


  • “I was shocked when I learned of the allegations regarding Michael Krause on Tuesday.”
  • “I had knowledge of any of the charges against him.”
  • “I have no further relationship with Mr. Krause, and he no longer resides at my residence.”

Cooper laughingly denied knowing that Krause was a convicted felon and registered sex offender. It’s obvious that Cooper was lying! It is obvious that Cooper missed her calling as a standup comedian.


A spokesperson for the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct refused to comment on whether a complaint has been filed and/or is pending against Cooper. In the event a complaint is filed, Cooper doesn’t have much to worry about. At worst she’d receive a complimentary reprimand from the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Arizona Supreme Court.


As we speak (ca. January 2015), Cooper remains sitting as Maricopa County Superior Court judge in Phoenix, Arizona.



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