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Texas State Senator John Carona - Gift Giver Extraordinaire


Gifts for constituents/colleagues and staff = $364,788.95
John is one of the biggest hearted gift-givers in the history of Texas politics. Since 2000 Juan has spent $364,789 on gifts for constituents, colleagues (that’d be fellow legislators) and his staff. John’s closest overall gift-giving competitor as of this time is State Senator John Whitmire of Houston who spent about $250,000 during the same time frame.
As long as John is using someone else’s money (contributors/donors) he likes to go all out when buying gifts. Some of Juan’s favorite stores are Neiman Marcus, Tiffany, Mont Blanc, Bachendorf’s Jewelry and Baccarat. Over the years, Juan spent $8,256.48 at Neiman Marcus and $3,853.75 at Tiffany’s.
  •       2008 = $15,931.43
  •       2007 = $31,348.31
  •       2006 = $42,896.50
  •       2005 = $35,611.27
  •       2004 = $50,465.72
  •       2003 = $63,701.10
  •       2002 = $36,950.22
  •       2001 = $66,560.81
  •       2000 = $21,323.59
In addition to the above largess, John also spent over $60,000 to wine/dine colleagues, staff and constituents. Therefore, the total amount John has spent since 2000 for gifts and meals for colleagues, staff and constituents exceeds $400,000.
  •          Carmelos Italian Restaurant,20070228,$2046.98,Senate Dinner for Senate constituents
  •          Ruth Chris Steak House,20070131,$1759.40,Staff Dinner - SD 16 and Transportation Committee
Individual Gifts
Below are examples of the outrageous sums spent by Carona on individual gifts:
  •        Mont Blanc, 20070706,$649.50,Supporter Gift - purchased online no address
  •        Neiman Marcus,20061018,$259.01,colleague's daughter - wedding gift
  •        Objects of Envy,20070102,280.90,Gift for staff member
  •        Dutch Art Gallery,20070706,1605.27,resolution framing - constituent gift
  •        Neiman Marcus, Dallas,20050122,$1694.12,Colleague Gift
  •       Tiffany & Company, Dallas,20020401,$519.60,Constituent Gift
  •        Rewards,20010622,668.31,committe chair gift
  •    Bachendorf's Jewlery,20031229,1428.90,Colleague
  •    Bailey Banks & Biddle, 20030911, 791.31, Constiuent
  •    Best Buy,20030911,500.00,Staff Gift
  •    C Kirk Root Designs,20030911,1299.00,Colleague
  •    Neiman Marcus,20031229,$1412.67,Staff Gifts
  •     Objects of Envy,20031229,730.25,Staff Gift
  •   Tiffany & Company,20030926,$227.33,Colleague Gift
 Do ya think that Ol' John would have been so generous if he had to spend his own money? To ask the question is to answer it! More importantly, do ya think that John advised his potential contributors to his campaigns that he was going to spend there money in this manner? Yeah, I'm sure he did, right?

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