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Rep. John Boehner (R-OH): Today’s “Ass-Kisser” Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

Today’s “Ass-Kisser” Award Winner



This isn’t the first Award presented to Johnny. In the past, he has been the recipient of twenty-three (23) Awards in various categories and/or the subject of one (1) opinion piece. Those awards and opinion piece are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


During the recent (12/11/14) attempt by Congress to pass a government funding bill, GOP members of the House stuck in a provision that would provide an early Christmas present for Wall Street and Big Banks like JP Morgan.


The Christmas present would repeal a portion of a law passed a couple of years ago to protect taxpayers from losses incurred by Wall Street while they were trading in highly speculative; albeit highly profitable betting in the derivative market. This is the same area of trading that led to the meltdown of Wall Street and the deep recession of 2008.


The proposed repeal of the law was authored by a lobbyist employed by Citibank who then presented it to one or more members of Congress whose services were previously purchased by Citibank and/or other Wall Street entities.


The gist of the Citibank legislation would be akin to the following taking place at a blackjack table in the High Rollers Room at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon placing the bets.


Dimon:  Dealt two Queens on his bet of $50,000

Dealer:  Shows King on the board

Dimon:  Doubles down by splitting his Queens

Dealer:  Deals Dimon 5 and 4 respectively on his 2 Queens

Dimon:  Busts by hitting a Jack and Ten respectively

Dealer:  Reimburses Dimon $50,000 loss with taxpayer funds

Dimon:  Dealt a 6 and a 5 and doubles down for $100,000

Dealer:  Show 10 and 6 and busts by hitting a Queen

Dimon:  Tells pit boss to deposit $100,000 win in his personal account


In truth, what Johnny the Ass-Kisser and his fellow Ass-Kissers in Congress are doing is guaranteeing all losses incurred by Wall Street at the blackjack table will be covered by the taxpayers.


I’m confident that of the 124,925 Ohioans who voted for Johnny in November 2014, very few would be willing to pay taxes to provide the Christmas Gift to Wall Street that Johnny fully supports.


Congrats Johnny; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Ass-Kissers”; you are far too humble.

  1. Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 1
  2. Bullshit Award Winner = 6
  3. Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller Award Winner = 1
  4. Lunatic Award Winner = 1
  5. Moron Award Winner = 5
  6. Narcissist Award Winner = 1
  7. Rodney Dangerfield Award Winner = 5
  8. Screwball Award Winner = 2
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