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Ex-Staten Island Rep. Vito Fossella - Family Values Hypocrite "bites the dust"

Vito is yet another so-called “family values” (moral majority) hypocrite who followed the lead of fellow hypocrites like Newt Gingrich, Sen. Larry (aka, Mr. Hokey Pokey) Craig and the Rev. “I’m not Gay”) Ted Haggard.
Vito was until his recent resignation, a U.S. Representative from Staten Island, New York. Vito is married and unfortunately has three children (unfortunate for them). Being a good Catholic, whatever in the hell that is supposed to imply, would lead one to believe that he received a revised version of the Ten Commandments from Father Geoghan of Boston only had eight commandments. Missing was “Though shall not commit adultery” or “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife”      
Therefore, since two of the commandments (6 and 9) were missing, and because Vito didn’t know it was a sin to bed-down with a woman that wasn’t his wife, he didn’t actually commit a sin, right?
After Vito was outed for committing adultery he received an urgent call from Archbishop Robert A. Brucato of New York City. Archbishop Brucato expressed disappointment and dismay at Vito’s philandering. In his defense, Vito claimed that it wasn’t his fault because he didn’t know it was a really a sin to screw someone other than his wife. And since Vito is an attorney (graduated from Fordham Law), he had an absolute right to claim “ignorance of the 6th and 9th Commandments (law)”, didn’t he?
Vito’s virulent anti-gay stance
            Vito has consistently blasted gays for their lifestyles, etc. He’s even done so despite the fact that his sister Victoria is openly gay. In fact, he shuns her and even refuses to go to family events if she and her partner are in attendance. Vito’s conduct is reminiscent of Don Corleone’s shunning of his brother Fredo in The Godfather by refusing to be present when Fredo visited with their Mother at the Don’s home. Hopefully, Vito doesn’t follow The Godfather script and put out a hit on his sister Victoria.
            Vito’s hatred of gays was exhibited when he demanded housing funds be held back from San Francisco unless it repealed its domestic partnership law. So now we have this so-called righteous family values heretic demanding that any and all low income people living in San Francisco be punished because of his hatred for gays.
            I spent eight years attending Rosary Cathedral Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio, which was the diocese for Northwest Ohio. During this time I was an altar boy and choir boy and attended church on almost a daily basis. However, during the hundreds upon hundreds of sermons I was exposed to by parish priests and/or Bishop Rehring (now deceased), I cannot recall ever hearing a cleric denouncing gays, blacks, Muslims, Jews, Baptists, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Methodists, Hispanics, Asians, etc. In fact, I never heard them disparage any politicians, although now I wonder why. Apparently, Vito’s version of Catholicism is in direct conflict to what I learned in Toledo, Ohio.
            How could any self-described “family values” guy with a heart and conscience, who also claims to be a good Christian, permanently shun his sister or brother? If this is evidence of good family values exhibited by an allegedly devout Christian (Catholic), then we are in serious trouble.

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