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Fresno, CA student arrested for sexually assaulting sheep


An unnamed 23-year-old student at Fresno State University was recently (mid-November 2014) arrested for sexually assaulting a sheep.


Police said the student was caught after a passing student heard strange noises emanating from the agriculture department barns.


Shortly after his arrest, the student defended his conduct by claiming that he was engaged in “consensual sex.” He went on to provide a current copy of his phone answering tape, which provided irrefutable proof of his longstanding relationship with the unnamed sheep.


On the phone recording, one could hear incoming calls beginning with “Bah, Bah, Bah!” In addition, can we really blame a financially strapped student from engaging in a sexaul relationship on the cheap?


As we speak (ca. 11/17/14), neither the police nor the unnamed student have provided the media with the gender of the sheep.


And lastly, its rumored that the student's annual pass to the petting area at the Fresno Chafee Zoo has been voided.


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