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John Yoo - Bush Administration go-to-guy for obliterating the constitution


So-called attorney and law professor John Yoo is without doubt a demented, ultra right-wing conservative (aka, nut case) who wrote several idiotic (my apologies to idiots) memos advocating torture and the total obliteration of various aspects of the U.S. Constitution on behalf of the Bush administration. 
Johnny was born in Seoul, Korea on June 10, 1967. Johnny graduated scum laude with a degree in history from Harvard and then obtained his law degree from Yale. It appears that Johnny also earned degrees from the following prestigious schools.
  •       The Kim Il Sung School of Diplomacy at the Univ. of North Korea in Pyongyang
  •       The Huey Long School of Ethics at Lousiana State University in Baton Rouge
  •       The Mao Tsu-Tung School on Humanities in Beijing
Johnny is also a proud member of the Federalist Society and the American Enterprise Institute, which has among its members an illustrious group of right-wing fanatics, warmongers and/or outright ethical dwarfs such as:
  •       Ann Coulter – trash talking bimbo extraordinaire w/super-sized Adams apple
  •       John Ashcroft – lost Senate election to a dead man – 6 Vietnam deferments
  •       John Bolton – enlisted in National Guard to avoid Vietnam (sound familiar?)
  •       Alan Keyes – opposed Vietnam War protestors while receiving deferments
  •       Newt Gingrich – Renowned ethical gimp and womanizer
In addition to the so-called patriots named above, the list of loudmouth, right-wing zealots (aka, screwballs) that Johnny cheerfully associates with is: (a) Kenneth Blackwell, (b) Ken Starr, (c) Ed Meese, (e) Grover Norquist, (f) Bill Kristol, and (f) Paul “The Comb” Wolfowitz. All of these war-mongering wimps avoided serving their country during the Vietnam War via various methods although they have cheerfully supported the war in Iraq and have no qualms about sending your sons and daughters there to die. Let’s hear a Bronx cheer for the Yoo Wimps!!

John Yoo and Water-boarding 101


Johnny wrote numerous legal opinions on behalf of the U.S. Justice Department and ex-Attorney General Alberto “The Gonz” Gonzalez. One of Johnny’s most outrageous legal arguments was his claim that water-boarding did not constitute torture. Of course this claim is not only absurd on its face, it is proven false by the mere fact that we executed Japanese prisoners of war after World War II for water-boarding American prisoners.
Johnny went one step further by opining that the Geneva Conventions that prohibit torture of prisoners was “obsolete.” The only thing obsolete is Johnny’s calculated misapplication of our contractual obligations under the Geneva Convention. Apparently Johnny perused the written missives of Adolph Hitler when it comes to compliance with treaties.
It’s too bad that we aren’t able to treat Johnny to some compassionate water-boarding. I’m confident that his demented opinion that it doesn’t constitute torture would change immediately. In my earlier life while attending Rosary Cathedral Elementary School in Toledo, we (that’d be me and a few of my fellow classmates) developed a method for dealing with buffoons like Johnny. We would take the miscreant down behind the old DeVilbiss Factory on Manhattan Blvd. where the Ten-Mile Creek meandered and do to him what is affectionately referred to as “water-boarding” today. Put simply, we’d repeatedly dunk someone like Johnny into the creek until he learned that it wasn’t nice to spew forth the garbage he did on behalf of Bush Inc.

John Yoo and Warrant-less Wiretapping


In further pimping as the anointed consigliore for the Bush Administration, Demented Johnny (DJ) also gave a legal opinion that Bush did not require a warrant to tap your telephone, peek at your e-mail or even open your snail-mail. Of course this is pure BS and Johnny knew it to be. And all the while Johnny would have us believe that he is a legal expert on the Constitution. Johnny’s so-called constitutional expertise is akin to the culinary mastery exhibited by the late Jeffrey Dahmer. Hear tell that Jeff’s rump roast recipe was out of this world!!!

John Yoo and the Empirical Presidency


Johnny further gave legal opinions that George W. could bypass Congress in regards to starting wars, etc. In other words, Johnny firmly believes that the Constitution in regards to separation of powers and the right of Congress to oversee, investigate and place limits on the Executive branch was of no consequence. Put simply, Johnny Baby determined as a matter of law that Bush was for all intent and purposes King George the VII.
Johnny’s mad-as-a-hatter opinion in regards to an Empirical Presidency conclusively proves that he is ethically deprived and intellectually insolvent. Apparently, Johnny is a fervent believer of John Gotti’s statement that, “Well, when the Godfather does it that means that it is not illegal.”

John Yoo the Law Professor


It is quite astonishing and disturbing to know that Johnny teaches law at the University of California at Berkeley. As a resident and taxpayer of California, I am appalled at the thought of this ethical and intellectual lightweight being paid with taxpayer funds.
This buffoon has no “bidness” (compliments of the late Molly Ivins of Texas) teaching constitutional law to anyone. He has forever forfeited that right given his right-wing zealotry and ultra-communist views on governance. Put simply, Johnny should be relegated to teaching constitutional law on behalf of Kim Il Jung of North Korea and/or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. In so acting, he would in effect be “preaching to a choir” of like-minded morons.
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