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GOP dons Industrial Strength Knee pads while acting as Ins. Industry lackeys

During the so-called debate over Heath care reform, it appears that most Republicans in the U.S. Senate and Congress were provided with “industrial strength knee pads” while shamelessly acting as compliant lackeys, bootlickers, apple-polishers and to put it bluntly, ass-kissers for the Health Insurance Industry.
This ol’ Dawg has been a registered Republican since 1965 (initially registered in Toledo, Ohio). I have fond memories of the civility of the back and forth between Democrats and Republicans in D.C. and elsewhere during the Eisenhower and Nixon administrations.
Put simply, arguing one’s point of view on a particular issue with an adversary back in the day so to speak was enjoyable and enlightening. Nothing could be more satisfying then being able to persuade your adversary to politely agree to disagree. Even more rewarding was when you knew that you had convinced you adversary to your point of view.
In today’s political climate as emulated by the likes of Lee Atwater and Carl Rove, both of whom found it acceptable and ethical to make false claims in an overt effort to divide the masses. When I say divide the masses, I mean pitting white-folks against Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Jews and/or
I personally find this conduct offensive to the nth degree. I personally viewed on CBS News the despicable and clearly bigoted conduct of elected officials who laughingly claim to represent the best interests of their constituents.
The offensive and in many instances falsehoods put forth by these apologists/enablers for the Insurance Industry include but are not limited to the following:
  • “Baby Killer” – Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R. Texas) comment to Rep. Bart Stupak
  • “Reconciliation on healthcare would be an assault to the Democratic process” Sen. Orin Hatch (R. Utah)
  • “Death Panel” could kill my Down Syndrome Baby – Sarah Palin
  • “We should not have a government program that determines if you’re going to pull the plug on grandma.” Sen. Chuck Grassley (Rep. Iowa)
“Pull the plug on Grandma” you say Sen. Grassley? How about we “pull the plug” on degenerate liars and defamers that are willing to say and/or do anything to retain power? Now, Sen. Grassley, there’s some legislation this ol’ Dawg could vigorously support!
In addition to the above commentary, we have legislators calling Obama a socialist, communist and even worse. Say what ya will folks, the vast majority of these defamatory comments are based on an ongoing attempt to “divide us.” When I say divide us I mean to make you (white folks) actually believe that the financial ills the country is facing is the sole fault of Blacks, Latinos, Homosexuals, Arab-Americans, Jews, Asians, etc.

Back in the day (ca. 1950s) when I attended Rosary Cathedral Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio, a Catholic institution, my fellow students and I (referred to as punks by adults) dealt with liars/defamers as those alluded to above by waltzing them down to the Ten-Mile Creek on Manhattan Blvd. and doing to them what is now referred to as “water-boarding.” Trust me folks, Orin Hatch, Sarah Palin, Chuck Grassley and those of their ilk would have immediately altered their conduct after one dunking in the creek.

I sincerely hope for the sake of my children and more importantly my four grandsons and one granddaughter that we the voters/taxpayers demand that our representatives immediately return to the civil discourse of yesteryear. And if they don’t, then they (the defamers) will succeed in forever creating a permanent divide among us based solely on race, ethnicity, financial standing, sexual preference and/or social standing.


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