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James Robison says, Abortion/Gay rights supporters unable to hear God or lead Nation


Well known loon and aspiring Standup Comedian, James Robison hosts a comedy TV Show called “Life Today.” During a recent (09/08/14) interview with fellow comedian Dr. Ben Carson, Benny the Moron cited a phony (non-existent quote from Thomas Jefferson) about the people fearing the government and tyranny.


Immediately after Benny’s falsehood, Jimmy responded by asserting that religious leaders must start preaching on political issues from the pulpit because “these are principalities and powers in the realm of darkness, deception and destruction” that are attempting to destroy the nation.


Benny continued his rant by claiming that Christians must know who they should vote for. He then went on to say:


Candidates who believe in abortion rights or marriage equality are “incapable of hearing the wisdom that comes from above and being directed by divine providence,” thereby making them incapable “of leading a nation out of the depravity and the death and the defeat that we’re experiencing.”


The Ben & Jimmy comedy routine that finds it acceptable to spew forth a variety of falsehoods aimed mostly at attacking the gay community, does so for the sole purpose of financial enrichment.


The only people, who listen to and/or fall for the BS spewed forth by Ben & Jimmy, are those that possess an I.Q. in the mid-to-high double digits. Anyone with an I.Q. in the triple digits isn’t about to listen to and/or believe this type of crap.




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