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Do Family Courts Judges dispense justice or dispense with it? You be the judge!


The innumerable, and in many instances, heartbreaking horror stories I've unfortunately received over the years from every corner of the country clearly indicates that the two most abusive court divisions in the good old U.S. of A are Family and Probate Courts (dedicated to stealing from the dead). At the end of this article are the names of a few of the Judicial Misfits that have cheerfully caused great harm to one or more parents, grandparents and most importantly the children they were sworn to protect. Obviously, there’s many, many, many more.
In the future, and when time permits, I will post specific articles that will detail the names of the victims of the unconscionable conduct engaged in by the Judicial Misfits listed below and/or those who have yet to be “outed” by this Watchdawg for engaging in aberrant behavior that they knew or should have known would cause irreparable damage to the victims they personally deemed worthy of their demented and/or punitive actions. Please bear with me since this is without doubt, the quintessential “David v. Goliath” attempt to expose the egregious misconduct of well-recognized “Judicial Misfits” and/or the enablers and apologists that labor on their behalf.
In truth, this is a "one-man Army" excercise in attempting to assure that my fellow citizens are truly the recipients of provable justice regardless of gender, social standing, ethnicity, sexual preference, and/or race. If this is too much to ask of our Judiciary, then so be it! However, I will never and I mean never be dissuaded from my ongoing efforts (ca. 1981-2010) to assure that each and every one of you is the recipient of the justice you deserve.
In many instances, these so called purveyors of equitable justice would be an embarassment to Bentio Mussolini (aka, Il Duce) feel inpotent. Put simply, many of them are nothing more than impotent Il Duce Wannabees!
Family court judges would have us believe that their primary purpose is to “protect the interests of the children” in child custody cases. This hyperbolic (BS) and self-serving dribble is too often untrue.
Some family court judges are certified misogynists who are openly hostile to and/or biased against Mothers. And then there’s the flip side where we have judges that are antagonistic to the nth degree against Fathers. In either case, the children are the true victims of the biased conduct of these certifiable Judicial Misfits.
I’ve personally witnessed and/or reviewed voluminous court records evidencing outrageous abuses of children whimsically visited upon them by judges who could care less (heartless and shameless to the nth degree)
And when the Father or Mother who is the recipient of these judicial abuses, complains to higher authorities, they are then tagged as sore losers, whiners or even worse by the very same Judicial Misfits that are guilty of abusing them.
These same judicial misfits then go about appointing attorney friends as a Guardian Ad Litem to allegedly look out for the best interests of the children. Of course one or both of the parents are then ordered by the judge to pay the hourly attorney fees regardless of the amount and/or justification. Most of these so-called children’s advocates are “bottom-feeders” among their peers in the Legal Industry. In fact, for most, these plum appointments and the cash they generate forms the primary source of their attorney-income.
Obviously, when a marriage tanks so to speak, the husband and wife do not normally exchange gifts on Christmas. When one or more of the parents (usually it’s the father) is well-healed and/or capable of forking out $40,000 a year or more to lawyers, guardian ad litems’ and/or other assorted leaches (court appointed psychologists, etc.), you can be assured that the court along with the attorneys and assorted riffraff it appoints, will allow the case to drag on for years until the Father is no longer able to pay for these useless and unnecessary services.
An ethical/compassionate judge (there out there, but you’ll be lucky to find one) wouldn’t tolerate the wholesale raping of a parent or parents in order to unjustly enrich attorneys, etc. In fact, a good judge should possess the negotiating skills to persuade both of them to set aside their differences for the future sake of their children. In other words, a judge ought to be able to persuade Mary and John that it would be preferable to set aside $150,000 in a college fund for the kids, then to feed it to lawyers and the other assorted misfits that will ultimately feed at the trough.  
When time permits, I will author articles that address specific cases wherein judges have cheerfully ruined the lives of a Mother or Father while at the same time inflicting untold damage on their children.
  • Columbus, Ohio Judge Kay Lias
  • Sacramento Judge Peter McBrien
  • Columbus, Ohio Judge James Mason
  • Sacramento Judge James Mize
  • Ventura County Judge John Smiley
  • Georgetown, Kentucky Judge Tamra Gormley
  • Plymouth County, Michigan Judge Michael Livingstone
  • Sylvania, Ohio Judge Stephen Yarbrough
  • Schenectady, New York Judge Jo Anne Assini
  • New York City Judge Margaret Parisi-McGowan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan Judge Benjamin Logan
  • Rhode Island Judge Laureen D’Ambra
  • Columbus, Ohio Judge Carole Squire
  • Toronto, Canada Judge Dianne Nicholas
  • Las Vegas Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio
  • New Rochelle, New York Judge Ingrid Braslow
  • Bergen County, New Jersey Judge Ellen Koblitz
  • Columbus, Ohio Judge Dana Priesse
  • Monroe County, Michigan Judge Michael LaBeau



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