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Michelle Bachman asks, Will Central American children be used for medical experiments?


During a recent appearance on the “Wallbuilders Live” Comedy show, Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN) asserted that unaccompanied children from Central America were likely to be used for medical experiments.


In a never ending attempt to cement her status as one of America’s Top Ten Lunatics and Bigots, Michele spewed forth the following BS.

  • “Now President Obama is trying to bring all of those foreign nationals, those illegal aliens to the country and he has said that he will put them in the foster care system.”
  • “If you have a hospital and they are going to get millions of dollars in government grants if they can conduct medical research on somebody, and a Ward of the state can't say 'no,' a little kid can't say 'no' if they're a Ward of the state; so here you could have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation and a kid can't even say ‘no.’’
  • “It’s sick.”

In plain language, Loony Michele is claiming that the government under Obama wants to engage in medical experiments akin to what Josef Mengele, Nazi SS Officer and degenerate Auschwitz physician who delighted in performing medical experiments on children, especially twins.


As usual, Michele has no evidence of any kind to support her defamatory and obscene comments. And this Certified Lunatic actually had the chutzpah to claim she was qualified to be the President of the U.S. of A.


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