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Homophobe Jonathan Saenz's wife dumps him for a woman


Jonathan Saenz is a die-in-the-wool Homophobe who heads a group called “Texas Values” as its President, which is located in Austin, Texas.


In addition to being a Certified Homophobe, Jon is also an attorney who received a law license from the State of Texas in 2003 after graduating from the University of Houston Law School. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in Austin or Houston was about to offer Jon a good paying job; therefore, he opted to earn a living as a foul-mouthed Homophobe.


It was recently (08/12/14) reported that Jon the Phobe’s ex-wife left him for another woman. How ironic and cool is that? (Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch)


A week earlier, Jon the Loon held a press conference for the purpose of attacking gay rights as a push to snuff out freedom and imprison pastors. In order to engender contributions from fellow Homophobes, Jon opposed LGVT rights laws, claiming that they “terrorize women and children” and “pave the way for Christian concentration camps.”


Apparently, Jon wasn’t physically or emotionally able to satisfy his ex-wife Corrine, thereby forcing her to seek solace from a woman.


During his divorce, Jon had the audacity to ask the trial judge to prohibit Corrine and/or her significant other from being in the presence of their children. As expected, the trial judge told Jon the Phobe to take a hike.


Jon the Cheapskate also sought to have Corrine jailed for failing to undergo and evaluation by a psychologist of his choosing; however, he refused to pay the psychologist’s $2,500 fee.


Since it is apparent that Jon can’t satisfy the needs of the opposite sex, maybe he needs to look inward and seek a relationship with some feller in the Austin area.



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