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Judge Fred McDonald of Toledo one of the good guys



Judge Frederick McDonald has sat as a judge on the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas since 1987.
Judge McDonald is a firm believer in earning the wages he receives from the taxpayers of Ohio.
His early life taught him the value of hard work and ethics while he toiled as a dishwasher, waiter, and farm hand.
After graduating from Georgetown University Law School in 1968, Judge McDonald volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy on a submarine in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.
My experience with Judge McDonald is somewhat limited; however, it did confirm for me that he was an ethical and hard-working jurist.
Judge McDonald’s reputation among his peers (Judges/Lawyers) in the Toledo, Ohio area is unblemished.
I cannot recall ever receiving any complaints in regards to Judge McDonald’s conduct (ca. 1995-2010).


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