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Retired Judge Philip Berke of Granville, NY; arrogant loser


The state of New York presented Philip Allan Berke with a law license in 1961 after he graduated from CornellUniversityLawSchool.


In late April 2014, Washington County Board of Supervisors voted to rename the CountyCourthouse aft er retired state Supreme Court Justice Thomas E. Mercure. Judge Mercure retired in March 2014 and was the longest-serving trial court judge in the area. He was also was a former Washington County District Attorney in addition to being the country’s youngest elected judge.


When it was announced that the courthouse would be named after Justice Mercure, Judge Berke was quite upset. In fact, he said naming the courthouse after Mercure was a “slap in the face” to other retired judges in the area.


During an appearance before the Board of Supervisors while it was considering the issue, Berke told them:


  • “I’m pretty ticked off.”

  • “This has taken a lot out of me.”


In truth, the only reason Berke is pissed off is because the Board didn’t name the courthouse after him. Put simply, this is proof positive that not only is Berke a sore loser, he’s an arrogant loser.


Maybe the Board of Supervisors should consider naming one of the Urinals in the court house after Judge Berge in order to massage his wounded ego.


As we speak (ca. June 2014), Phil practices at 15 Berkowitz Drive in Granville, New York.


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