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Is Watchdog's grandson Trevor spoiled more than Gregory and Alex were?


My wife is the quitensential Grandma when it comes to spoiling her grandchildren. To be fair I must admit that to a lesser degree I am too (aren't we all?). My first two grandsons, Gregory (26 and living in Columbus, Ohio) and Alex (24 and living in Cleveland) were spoiled to the nth degree (this will be further addressed in a future lament). In truth, they were the poster-boys for being unduly spoiled. However, when they visited us here in Sacramento for Christmas in 2006, they both felt somewhat impotent (insecure) in the field of spoilage (hmmm, is that a proper term?) And that depressed feeling came about when Trev invited them into his bedroom to view his "Fire Truck Bed" that his Dad Dave (quite the handyman I must admit) built for him.

Upon viewing the fire truck bed, Gregory immediately said, "Oh my God, this kid is really spoiled." This truthful statement was immediately rebutted by Tina (Trev's Mom - my daughter) when she said, "No he's not! He's not half as spoiled as you and Alex were." And Tina actually made this comment with a straight face.


The fire truck bed that Dave built is absolutely stunning and speaks volumes for his creative abilities (Damn, that was tough to admit!) but it is true. If you'd like to see pictures of the various stages of the fire truck being built go to: http://tinyurl.com/han2w. In addition to the fire truck bed (additional photo below) that Tina claimed was evidence that Trev wasn't spoiled, below are a couple of images that may lead you to question her veracity or even her sanity. Now, after viewing the fire truck bed, etc. drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if ya think that Tina's comment that Trev isn't spoiled rings true. And if you believe Tina, then you'd likely believe that the Pope nominated Paris Hilton to be his chief spokesperson on the merits of monogomous relationships.





















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