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Rush Limbaugh: bigoted buffoon, certified idiot

Rush (The Doper) Limbaugh has now found it convenient to attack humanitarian efforts aimed at helping the victims in Haiti in his effort to cement his status as a demented bigot and overweight slob.
In his latest idiotic rant (Is there another kind for ol’ Doper Rush?) in regards to Haitian relief donations, he stated: “We’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.” This is in addition to his asinine comment that Pres. Osama’s plea for donations via visiting the Whitehouse website was initiated to obtain emails addresses for future political purposes.
It would take several hundred pages to set forth the disgusting comments made by The Doper over the years, all of which prove that his is a die-in-the-wool opportunist, bigot and moron.
Back in the day as they say (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio) when I was attending Rosary Cathedral Elementary School, we developed a successful method for dealing with congenital liars and defamers like Mr. Rush Limbaugh.
We’d (that’d be me, Tommy, Mike and Jimmy) take the offender down to the Ten Mile Creek that ran along Manhattan Blvd., and treat the miscreant to what is now  called “water-boarding.” Trust me folks, a confirmed sissy like Rush (5 deferments during the Vietnam War because he had a “pimple in the crease of his buttocks) would likely not have lasted but one dunking in the creek before he promised to change his ways.
What is truly disturbing is the fact that millions apparently give credence to the falsehoods and total fabrications that this celebrated buffoon spews forth on a daily basis. Anyone that actually believes anything that Rush (The Doper) Limbaugh says must be possessed with an I.Q. equal to or lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone.
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