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Ex-CA State Senator Ed Vincent of LA; arrogant; guilty of per diem fraud


 From 2000 through 2008, Ed Vincent misrepresented the 25th Senate District in Los Angeles County, which covered the communities of Watts, Compton, Gardena, Inglewood, and Long Beach. 

Watts and Compton are two of the poorest regions in the United States. Of course this undipsuted fact didn't prevent Ol' Eddie Baby from hosing his consituents. After all, in Eddie's world, the only person that really des
Legislators are “not” entitled to per diem when absent from any legislative session. Below you’ll see that Sen. Ed Vincent was in fact paid for per diem despite senate journals proving he was habitually absent. In fact, after the rolls are taken, the senate/assembly then grants unanimous consent approving absences for (a) personal illness, (b) family illness, (c) attending funerals, and (d) for personal reasons.
Per Diem for Lodging and Expenses
Under current law, legislators are eligible to receive a per diem payment to cover lodging, meals, and other expenses for each day of attendance at legislative sessions, or related travel. The current rate is $153 per day, set by the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board. The URL stating such facts can be found at:
Sen. Ed Vincent’s Absences from 2004 through 2008
Below are the days Sen. Ed Vincent was absent due to personal illness, family member illness and/or for attending funerals of ill family members.
  • 2008 = 79 days illness = $13,430 in illegal per diem payments received
  • 2007 = 57 days illness = $9,234 in illegal per diem payments received
  • 2005 = 64 days illness = $10,368 in illegal per diem payments received
  • 2004 = 56 days illness = $8,264 in illegal per diem payments received
  • Total = 256 days illness = $41,296 in illegal per diem payments received
In addition to the illegal per diem payments that Sen. Ed Vincent received, he also had the chutzpah to accept wages he clearly did not earn and/or deserve which are as follows:
  • 2008 = 79 days absent = $37,920 in unearned/undeserved wages
  • 2007 = 57 days absent = $26,619 in unearned/undeserved wages
  • 2006 = 64 days absent = $29,312 in unearned/undeserved wages
  • 2005 = 56 days absent = $22,904 in unearned/undeserved wages
  • Total = 256 days absent = $116,755 in unearned/undeserved wages
The figures above prove that Sen. Ed. Vincent received a total of $158,051 in illegal per diem payments and unearned/underserved wages over a four year period of time, which amounts to a yearly average of $39,512. The total for 2008 was a staggering $51,350.
The median household income (2000 census) in Compton was $33,201. Males had a median income of $22,698 verses $24,692 for females. The per capita income for the city was $10,389. 21.5% of families and 23.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 35.6% of those under age 18 and 14.7% of those 65 and older.
While Sen. Ed Vincent’s unfortunate female constituents were earning about $25,000 a year, Ol’ Eddie was knocking down almost $40,000 a year for services he never provided to them.
Sen. Ed Vincent Additional Hosing of his Unfortunate Constituents
In addition to the hosing of his constituents as set forth above, Sen. Ed Vincent also found it acceptable to bill them for providing himself with luxury rides, which are described below.
  • 2000 Town Car – 12/04/00 = $47,277.99
  • 2005 Town Car – 02/25/05 = $47,894.73
The actual costs of providing Sen. Ed Vincent with Lincoln Town Cars are as follows:
  • $60,000 = Vehicle Deprecation Costs
  • $33,264 = Lease Costs
  • $23,155 = Fuel Costs
  • $9,783 = Maintenance Costs
  • $3,500 = Liability Insurance Costs
  • $129,702 = Total Costs = $16,213 yearly average
Therefore, the costs to Sen. Ed Vincent’s constituents for illegal per diem, unearned wages and vehicle cost on an annual basis from 2005-2008 was $55,725, which is over double the average earnings of every female he misrepresented in the California Senate.




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