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CA Sen. John Benoit; ingrate, lifetime porker, arrogant thing-a-ma-bob


From Dec. 2002 through Nov. 2008, John Benoit was an assemblyman from the 64th District in the Bakersfield/Palm Desert area. After being termed out from the state assembly in 2008, John Benoit was then elected to a four-year term to the 37th Senate seat in the Riverside County area.
One day after Sen. John Benoit voted to approve Gov. Schwarzenegger’s controversial $11 billion water bond proposal, the governor appointed him to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. (LA Times, Patrick McGreevy – 11/4/09)
While being interviewed by Shane Goldmacher of the LA Times in early Dec. 2009, John Benoit had the chutzpah to deride his service in the California State Assembly as “a six-year dead-end job with no retirement [benefits].” (LA Times, Shane Goldmacher – 12/8/09).
Prior to being elected to the state assembly in Nov. 2002, John Benoit spent 31 years in law enforcement, two with the Corona Police Department and twenty-nine with the California Highway Patrol until his retirement in 2001. Therefore, it would appear that John Benoit is likely receiving a handsome pension from the State of California. To whine as he did to Shane Goldmacher that his six-years in the assembly was a “dead-end job with no retirement benefits” is evidence of someone who believes the overtaxed citizens of California owe him
During the seven-years he was in the state assembly and senate, John Benoit hosed the taxpayers by spending $121,970.24 to provide himself with the vehicles listed below.
  • 2003 Chrysler 300M – 12/05/02 = $32,481.97
  • 2006 Highlander Hybrid LTD – 11/01/05 - $43,647.50
  • 2009 Highlander Hybrid – 12/1/08 = $45,840.77
The total costs to provide John Benoit with two cars while he was in the assembly was $87,298, which is broken down below.
  • $24,411 – fuel
  • $20,387 – lease
  • $2,500 – insurance
  • $40,000 – depreciation
John Benoit was born in 1951. His employment record clearly indicates that he has dedicated his entire adult life to porking-out at the public trough. He now earns $143,000 a year as a County Supervisor in Riverside. This doesn’t include the pension he receives from the State of California nor does it include the income his wife Sheryl earned and/or earns as an Executive Assistant with the Desert Sands Unified School District.
As a retired California Highway Patrol captain, John Benoit draws a $98,600 annual state pension. (LA Times, Patrick McGreevy, 10/0/09) Therefore, John Benoit’s annual earnings total $231,600 ($143,000 County Supervisor + $98,600 Highway Patrol pension). Of Course this doesn’t include what his wife Sheryl earns; however between them they likely haul in over $300,000 a year in public pork.
Despite a household income approaching and/or exceeding $300,000 a year, John Benoit cemented his status as an “arrogant ingrate” when he bellyached to LA Times reporter Shane Goldmacher in Dec. 2009 that his six-years as an assemblyman was a “dead-end job with no retirement benefits.”
How much in public funds will it take to satisfy John Benoit’s glutinous appetite for public pork? Put simply, when is enough, enough John?
To be fair to John Benoit, he’s not the only ex-legislator that believes the public owes him a living. In fact, ex-legislator Mark Ridley-Thomas is yet another so-called public servant that has his nose planted in the public trough. To see a recent article re: Mark Ridley-Thomas’ avarice go to the URL below.
Is LA Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas a scofflaw; arrogant Whatchmakallit and ethical gremlin? http://tinyurl.com/yeh433g


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