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Are Right-to-Life zealots’ nuts, morons and mentally unstable?


Right-to-life zealots (aka, nutcases) who espouse and/or support any actions in pursuit of their misguided/idiotic agenda are for all intents and purposes bereft
This ol’ Dawg was raised as a Catholic in Toledo, Ohio and attended Rosary Cathedral Elementary School and St. Francis High School. My Mother who is 92-years old as we speak (ca. 2010) is now and has always been adamantly opposed to abortion.
My late father (God bless his soul) was of a different opinion regarding abortion. He would say, “If I didn’t impregnate the woman, then it ain’t any of my damn business.” When listening to these words of wisdom, I felt compelled to state: “Praise the Lord, the truth will set you free.”
In my opinion, anyone that actually believes that life begins at conception (FYI: Delmas, means union of a male sperm and female ovum) is either nuts or is smoking left-handed cigarettes. If such a concept was valid this would mean that every time Buford screwed Caledonia (which I understand was at least twice a day) one or more new lives resulted from said “forn-ee-kay-shun.”
If such an idiotic proposition were true, then when fornicating couples (damn sinners) utilize a condom aren’t they both guilty of committing multiple murders?
And what about young boys who engage in masturbation (aka, self-made men), aren’t they in reality “mass murderers?” And of course it goes without saying that those young boys who so acted until they “required glasses” are the worst offenders, right?
Now, I’m not a die-in-the-wool supporter of abortion; however, to suggest and/or argue that life begins when a man and woman complete a sex act doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
If we and the rest of the world outlawed abortion and/or the use of contraceptives, the explosion in unwanted births would be unimaginable. Only an uncaring and avowed God-hater bereft of any ethics and/or morality would demand that an unwanted child be borne to an uncaring mother/father.
If the Mothers/Fathers of the following individuals had exhibited a modicum of humanity and abortion, wouldn't all of us have been better off?
  • Adolph Hitler opted to have an
  • Benito (“Il Duce”) Mussolini
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Charles Manson
  • John Wayne Gacy
  • Ted Bundy
If any of you demented abortionist opponents disagree with aborting the births of the above named individuals, feel free to drop me a line at



Given the magnitude of problems we face here in the United States (ca. 1010) such as (a) 10% unemployment, (b) a broken healthcare system, (c) terrorists run amok and (d) unimaginable federal and state deficits, the abortion issue isn’t worthy of discussion in this writer’s opinion. Put simply, other than these moronic zealots, who really gives a damn?


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