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Judge Warren Wilbert of Wichita; certified moron, ethical gremlin

Judge Wilbert has cemented his status as a moron/idiot re: his handling of murderer Scott Roder’s case.
Unfortunately, ex-Kansas Governor Bill Graves appointed Warren Wilbert to a judgeship in 1995. What a monumental error in judgment, right?
In addition to being a certified moron and idiot, Judge Warren Wilbert is also bereft of any ethics. In 2006, the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications sent Judge Warrant Wilbert a “cease-and-desist order” stemming from a sexual harassment complaint. The Commission ruled that Judge Warren Wilbert, 53 at the time, “pursued a personal relationship with a subordinate employee that went beyond the boundaries” of professional conduct.” (Wichita Eagle – 3/18/06)  
In other words, it appears that Judge Warren Wilbert was screwing a court employee (sexually harassing her/him) and may well have done so in the courthouse. What a guy!
Judge Warren Wilbert’s Idiotic/Moronic ruling excluding media from jury selection
As we all know, jury trials are open to the public which includes the selection of jurors for trial (aka, Voir Dire in lawyer speak). In an obvious effort to prove that he was a practicing idiot/moron, Judge Warren Wilbert issued an order excluding the media from this proceeding. Subsequently, the Court of Appeals directed the moron (that’d be Judge Warren Wilbert) to reconsider his idiotic ruling.
Judge Wilbert’s moronic ruling allowing Tiller to pursue defense
To assure that he would go down in infamy as a judicial moron, idiot and misfit, Judge Warren Wilbert ruled that confessed murderer Scott Roeder could present a defense to the jury that he killed Dr. George Tiller to prevent future murders of unborn children. This hyperbolic (BS) defense doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
Confessed killer Scott Roeder’s so-called defense attorneys (aka, unethical hacks) argued that he be allowed to argue that he believes the slaying of Dr. George Tiller was a justified act aimed at saving unborn children. If this asinine defense as allowed by Judge Warren Wilbert (aka, The Moron) is subsequently deemed to be valid, then why weren’t any of the following criminals allowed to put forth such a novel defense?
  • Nicholas Civella – Kansas City Godfather who allegedly ordered murders of other criminals to prevent them from committing future murders
  • John Gotti – ordered murder of neighbor who accidentally killed his son in auto accident to prevent him from doing the same thing in the future
  • Harry (“The Hunchback”) Riccobene ordering hits on members of Philadelphia mob boss Nicodemus (“Nicky”) Scarfo because he knew Scarfo had put out a hit on him
  • Jeffrey Dahmer killing (or dining) on his victims because he feared they would rat him out causing him to be sentenced to death (hear tell Jeff’s rump roast is out of this world!)
Of course it goes without saying that if attorneys representing any of the above named criminals had suggested such a defense, it is safe to assume that the assigned judge would have summarily denied it and may well have found them in contempt of court.
By allowing a demented and unapologetic killer like Scott Roeder to put forth such a moronic defense is appalling to say the least. Anyone with an I.Q. in excess of the legal speed limit in a school zone would have treated such a claimed defense with total and unabashed contempt.
Unfortunately, it would appear that Judge Warren Wilbert’s I.Q. (aka, legal acumen/expertise) prevented him from coming to such a conclusion.
Luckily for me, an unreliable source provide me with a couple of images/photos of Judge Warren Gilbert's unsucessful attempts to pass the idiot/moron tests pictured below. Well, at least he tried, right?
If you’re thinking about having someone offed, take my advice and do it in Wichita and make sure that you specifically demand that Judge Warren Wilbert be assigned to your murder case so as to assure you chances of success. Don’t try this BS defense in a court in Houston, Cincinnati or Memphis because it ain’t gonna fly!
In fact, my friends in Houston would comment on this BS defense by saying, "Is this clown some kinda dumb som-bitch or what?


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