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Justice Judith McConnell of San Diego; apologist for Judicial Misfits

Justice Judith McConnell of the 4th District Court of Appeals in San Diego has dedicated her career to porking out at the public trough. In fact, as you’ll see below, Justice Judith McConnell has spent forty (40) years of her adult life digesting public pork.
Its obvious that no self-respecting law firm in San Diego was about to offer Justice Judith McConnel a job, which resulted in her sucking on the public tit since she graduated from law school.
After receiving her law degree in 1969, Justice Judith McConnell’s employment was as follows:
  • 1969-1976 – attorney for California Department of Transportation 
  • 1977 – Private practice
  • 1978-1979 – Municipal Court judge in San Diego
  • 1980-2001 – Superior Court judge San Diego County
  • 2001-2010 – Appeals Court Judge
Unfortunately, California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George appointed Justice Judith McConnell to the Commission on Judicial Performance, which is responsible for judicial discipline in 2005. What a monumental mistake!
Justice Judith McConnell acting as chief apologist for Sacramento Judge Peter McBrien
Judge Peter McBrien (aka, “The Chain-saw”) who sits on the Sacramento County Superior Court is an infamous and well-documented Judicial Misfit and criminal.
In 1999, Judge Peter McBrien was criminally charged after he ordered a tree cutter by the name of Mary Lou Bunyon to chop down several aged oak trees that were blocking his home’s view of the American River. Stories appearing in the Sacramento News & Review regarding Ms. Bunyon’s efforts on behalf of Judge Peter (The Chain-saw) McBrien can be found by going to the URLs listed under the story titles below.
A view to kill for – August 16, 2001
Judge Peter McBrien’s Egregious Victimization of Mr. Ulf Carlsson
Ulf Carlsson immigrated to the United States with his parents many years ago from Sweden. Unfortunately, Mr. Carlsson’s marriage eventually culminated in divorce proceedings. Even more unfortunate for Mr. Carlsson and many others who unfortunately have chosen to remain silent, was the assignment of his divorce case to the Dishonorable Judge Peter McBrien.
An article by reporter R.V. Scheide of the Sacramento News & Review is quite revealing about the misconduct of Judge Peter McBrien in is outrageous and unlawful treatment of Ulf Carlsson. The story can be accessed by going to the URL below.
Judge Dread – August 9, 2007
Ulf Carlsson’s Ethics Complaint v. the Dishonorable Judge Peter McBrien
In 2008, Ulf Carlsson filed a complaint with the California Judicial Commission (aka, Judicial Misfit Apologists Commission) regarding the despicable misconduct of Judge Peter McBrien.
On December 9, 2010, the Judicial Commission found Judge Peter McBrien guilty of the following misconduct.
  • Violated Ulf Carlsson’s constitutional right to a fair trial
  • Violated Ulf Carlsson’s constitutional due process rights
  • Improperly (unlawfully) threatened Ulf’s attorney with contempt
  • Made derogatory and discourteous comments to Ulf’s attorney in open court
  • Engaged in an illegal investigation of Ulf’s prior employment
  • Illegally ordered court reporter to conceal trial transcript from Ulf’s attorney
The Judicial Commission’s ruling went on make the following hyperbolic (BS) comments:
  • Judge McBrien’s conduct in the Carlsson case is unbefitting a judge and casts disrepute (infamy) upon the judiciary.
  • Judge McBrien self-serving statements and testimony have been shown to be inaccurate based on transcripts of the Carlsson trial and other documentary evidence (aka, perjury)
  • Judge McBrien’s gave testimony that was inconsistent (false, perjured) with his prior sworn statement concerning his prior misconduct (acting as a Paul Bunyon Wannabee)
  • Judge McBrien’s inconsistent (false) testimony is a concern as to his honesty and integrity (Sure it is!)
  • Judge McBrien’s misconduct has had a significant adverse impact on the judicial system (Give me a break!)
  • Judge McBrien’s conduct lowers the public’s esteem for the judiciary (What esteem?)
In addition, the Judicial Commission opined that Judge Peter McBrien put forth an arrogant attitude in attempting to defend his egregious misconduct. Put simply, like many of his fellow Judicial Misfits, Judge Peter McBrien apparently is of the opinion that his “bowel movement is without odor,” if ya know what I mean.
Punishment meted out by Judicial Commission
In a 7 to 2 decisions, the seven (7) certified enablers and apologists for the Judicial Commission, led by Justice Judith McConnell presented Judge Peter McBrien with a complimentary severe public censure.
This so-called punishment is akin to a soccer Mom scolding her son for unsportsmanlike conduct in the presence of his peers. Put simply, what’s the point? Judge Peter McBrien is allowed to remain on the bench and continue to dispense with justice rather than actually dispense justice while collecting his undeserved salary of $175,000.
For Justice Judith McConnell and those of her ilk (FYI: Judy, ilk does not mean male Elk!) to suggest that Judge Peter McBrien will change his conduct in continuing to victimize litigants who live in the Sacramento who are forced to appear before them is farcical at best. In fact, anyone who believes that Judge Peter McBrien will alter his behavior would likely believe that Gourmet Magazine offered the late Jeffrey Dahmer a job as its food editor.
The conduct of Justice Judith McConnell and her panel of enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits in allowing Judge Peter McBrien to remain on the bench in further evidence that judges are in fact “held to a lower standard or conduct” than you an me.
On behalf of the hundreds if not thousands of victims of Judge Peter McBrien’s dictatorial conduct (Il Duce Wannabee), I wish to offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Justice Judith McConnell and her minions for their disservice to the residents of Sacramento County, California.
Apparently, Justice Judith McConnell and her enabling cohorts on the Judicial Commission were donned with industrial strength knee pads in determining that Judge Peter McBrien’s egregious misconduct did not warrant his immediate removal from the bench.


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