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Attorney Robert Nadeau of Maine; congenital liar, moron and ethical leper-con?

Unfortunately, attorney Robert Nadeau was gifted with a law license from the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the mid-1980s.
Attorney Robert Nadeau has proven during his undistinguished career to be an ethical bantamweight.
In 1996, attorney Robert Nadeau was successful in duping the voters in York County, Maine into electing him as its Probate Judge.
On Feb. 17, 2007 the Maine Supreme Judicial Court found Judge Robert Nadeau guilty of being a certified “Judicial Misfit” for engaging in the following serious misconduct.
  • Knowingly misrepresenting the truth in a political videotape advertisement
  • Seriously misrepresented (lied) about the conduct of his primary judicial opponent 
  • Failed to accept responsibility for his serious misconduct
  • Refused to acknowledge that he acted wrongfully in violation of the Code of Conduct 
When the Judicial Court refused to accept Judge Robert Nadeau’s hyperbolic (BS) apology for his egregious misconduct, he then wrote a letter to the Superior Court Justice that was “degrading and discourteous.” In March 2006, Judge Robert Nadeau received a complimentary public reprimand for his demeaning letter.
As a result of his blatant falsehoods and fabrications about his opponent in the race for Probate Judge, Judge Robert Nadeau was able to again to dupe the voters into electing him. Win at all costs says ethical leper-con Judge Robert Nadeau. To hell with the truth, right Bobby Baby?
As expected, the enablers and apologists at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court gifted Judge Robert Nadeau with a complimentary censure and a seven (7) day suspension.
This group of enablers bought into Judge Robert Nadeau’s BS claim in his sworn testimony that he was suffering from depression when he engaged in the serious misconduct aforementioned. Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers, when I’m suffering from depression the first thing I do is begin to fabricate falsehoods about other folks. I’m sure that’s what you do too, right?
Anyone with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone would have given short shrift to Judge Robert Nadeau’s fabricated defense that he was suffering from depression.
The losers on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court also required that Judge Robert Nadeau “participate in a course on judicial ethics,” albeit with the caveat that he attend the renown and well respected Huey Long School of Ethics located at the University of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  
My advice is that if you’re looking to employ an attorney in the York County, Maine area that you avoid Robert Nadeau unless you’re looking for an attorney that is willing to twist the truth and/or fabricate falsehoods in pursuing a sham claim for damages. If that be the case, then maybe attorney Robert Nadeau is you man.
The so-called punishment meted out by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court to Judge Robert Nadeau only further proves that judges are held to a “lower standard of conduct” than we are.
And lastly, from the complaints I’ve received over the years from victims of unethical judges in Maine and in particular those sitting in Family Courts, its obvious to me that their isn’t a shortage of dishonest judges of Robert Nadeau’s ilk (FYI: Robert, Ilk isn’t a male Elk) running amok in the State of Maine.
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