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Judge Pinkey Carr of Cleveland, OH; Moronic Buffoon

The state of Ohio presented a law license to Pinkey Susan Carr in 1993 after she graduated from Cleveland State University Law School.
Over the past twenty (20) years, Judge Carr has had her significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Cleveland area was about to offer Pinkey a good paying job.
In November 2011, Pinkey succeeded in duping the voters in the Cleveland area into electing her to a judgeship on the Cleveland Municipal Court.
Judge Pinkey thinks it’s appropriate to dish out absurd and demeaning punishments to those folks who are unfortunate enough to have to appear before this Certified Buffoon.
In one case, Judge Pinkey ordered a woman to wear a sign to punish her for reckless driving.
When defendant Richard Dameron refused to carry an “idiot” sign that was made by Pinkey, she had him jailed. Dameron had threatened police during a 911 call. Pinkey crafter her own justice and, over the memorial weekend, she personally made a sign that said “I apologize to Officer Simone and all police officers for being an idiot.”
After Dameron refused to carry the sign, Pinkey had him tossed in jail. She then ruled that if he didn’t wear her sign, she’d sentence him to another 90 days. At the sentencing hearing, Judge Pinkey said in part:
  • “I was thinking of making it 30 or 60 but since you said you can do 90, 90 it will be.”
  • “I’m like Burger King. You can have it your way.”
Of course it goes without saying that the cheerleaders for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Ohio Supreme Court have never taken any disciplinary against this Certified Buffoon.
Hopefully, the voters in Cleveland will send Judge Pinkey packing if she has the chutzpah to run for re-election
As we speak (ca. January 2014), Judge Pinkey continues to sit as a Municipal Court Judge in Cleveland, Ohio.




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