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Rush "The Doper" Limbaugh: American Hero

Rush was born on Jan. 12, 1951 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. There can be no dispute that Rush set the tone for compassionate talk show hosts. The evidence is overwhelming of Rush’s refusal to attack those he disagrees with by spewing forth misleading, false and/or fabricated facts. Rush’s motto is “If it ain’t 100% true, I ain’t talking!”


Rush attended Southeast Missouri State University; however, he left after two semesters. According to Rush’s mother, “he flunked everything, even modern balling, I mean modern ballroom dancing class.” [Think he might have been a little heavy on his feet? Or could it be that he was a little light in the loafers!]
Rush began his career in radio in 1967 when he was 16 and went by the name of Rusty Sharpe. Now, there’s a double-edged oxymoron for ya, right? After he left college, Rush moved to McKeesport, PA where he became a Top 40 disc jockey on WIXZ. Rush changed his on-air name from Rusty Sharpe to Christine Jeff, I’m sorry, I mean Jeff Christie.
Rush’s military career
During the height of the Vietnam War (1970), Rush was 19-years-old and obviously eligible for the draft. There can be no dispute that Rush was gung-ho and desirous of serving his country. Unfortunately, after taking the required military physical he was classified 1-Y (unfit for military service) and denied an opportunity to serve.
Subsequently, Rush was later reclassified “4-F.” Eligibility for a 4-F classification means a candidate must have been found to be suffering from some physical or mental malady, or lacked any moral standards. Although it was a close call whether Rush would be declared a “triple threat” by the military (morally deprived, physically repugnant and a mental case), his 4-F classification came about when he was diagnosed with Pilonidal disease.
Pilonidal disease is a chronic infection [cyst] of the skin in the region of the buttocks [ass] crease. In layman’s terms, Rush had a pimple in the crack of his substantial ass. I performed some extensive research and was unable to discover any medical journals, etc. that would rebut the presumption that the pimple in the crease of Rush's ass was not the result of him engaging in unprotected sex.
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