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Attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons of Schenectady, NY; scofflaw, moron, ethical misfit

From 1995 through February 2002, attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons was a part time justice of the Glenville Town Court in Schenectady County.
From 1996 to September 1997, attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons was employed as an associate in the law firm of Kingsley and Towne, one of the principals of which was James Towne, Jr., Esq.
Alphonse Rullo, the proprietor of Capitaland, a car dealership in Glenville, NY, was a client of Mr. Town for many years, a fact well known to attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons. In fact, while attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons was employed at the Kingsley and Towne law firm, he did some work on a matter involving Capitaland and on the estate of Alphonse Rullo’s mother.
On July 25, 2000, Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons signed a search warrant for the premises of Capitaland on the application of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The warrant application, which was sworn to before Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons by the presenting officer, alleged that Capitaland permitted an unauthorized hauler to transport and dispose of hazardous substances, particularly ethylene glycol, an antifreeze from Capitaland’s underground storage tanks.
Shortly after signing the search warrant, Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons telephoned Mr. Towne’s law office from his car cell phone asking Mr. Towne to call him at his home.
Subsequently, Mr. Town called Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons and during this conversation, Judge Gibbons told Mr. Towne that he had just signed a search warrant for the Capitaland premises at the request of the DEC, which was looking for a toxic substance.
As a result of his egregious misconduct in disclosing confidential information to the attorney representing Capitaland, the New York Supreme Court ordered that Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons be removed from the bench on Feb. 6, 2002.
In its findings, the New York Judicial Commission stated that Judge Kenneth W. Gibbons’ “misconduct was inexcusable and cannot be attributed to inexperience or ignorance. As a judge since 1995 and an attorney, responded [Gibbons] had no doubt that the search warrant was confidential and that disclosing it to the attorney was absolutely prohibited.”
As could be expected, the powers-to-be in New York never took any action to revoke the law license of Kenneth W. Gibbons despite the egregious nature of his misconduct. Apparently, the enablers at the New York Discipline Board determined that it would be unfair to deny Kenneth W. Gibbons an opportunity to earn a dishonest living as a lawyer.
Attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons now operates out of an office in Scotia, New York, which is in the Schenectady area.
On his web site at www.kengibbons.com, attorney Kenneth W. Gibbons advertises that he practices in the following areas:
Bankruptcy – appropriate since he’s ethically bankrupt
Criminal matters – also appropriate
My advice would be to steer clear of this ethical lightweight.
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