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Attorney E.J. Leizerman of Toledo – Anatomy of a dishonest attorney



E.J. Leizerman was unfortunately admitted to the Ohio Bar on 4/30/76. Subsequently he obtained a license to practice in Michigan and Tennessee.
The facts below clearly demonstrate that attorney E.J. Leizerman has dedicated his legal career to the “total avoidance of propriety.”  Put simply, E.J. Leizerman is an ethical dwarf.
Amongst his peers in the Toledo area, attorney E.J. Leizerman is considered one of the most corrupt and dishonest attorney to have ever practiced in Northwest Ohio. In fact, he is commonly referred to as “Mr. Sleizerman” (my sincerest apologies to sleazy attorneys).
Over the past over twenty years (ca. 1987-2009), this ol’ Dawg has spent an inordinate amount of time investigating misconduct of attorneys, judges and various public officials. During that time, I have received thousands upon thousands of emails, telephone calls and/or letters from every state and numerous foreign countries detailing the misconduct of attorneys, etc.
With that said, I can safely say that the breadth of the egregious misconduct that attorney E.J. Leizerman has cheerfully engaged in over the years to unjustly enrich himself is mind-boggling to say the least. Each and every fact set forth below has been documented by a review of public records; interviews with reliable sources and/or obtained from persons who actually witnessed Mr. Leizerman’s misconduct.
The following facts, all of which are not in dispute, relate to the egregious misconduct engaged in by attorney E.J. Leizerman over the past twenty or so years.
  • 09/16/94 – disciplined for misconduct by the Ohio Supreme Court (http://tinyurl.com/yjth7dm
  • 02/02/01 – found guilty of committing perjury by Judge Krueger of Delaware
  • 1990 – Sanctioned 5 times by Judge Michael LaBeau of Monroe County MI Circuit Court for violating court orders
  • 1991 – Sanctioned by Judge William LaVoy of Monroe County MI Circuit Court for submitting false affidavit 
  • 1991 – Adjudged guilty by Federal Judge in Detroit for engaging in egregious misconduct 
  • 1996 – Michigan State Bar makes finding of misconduct 
  • 1999 – Attempted fraud involving Federal Judge Trauger of Nashville
Fraud involving Federal District Judge from Nashville
In this matter, E.J. Leizerman filed a motion to cancel a trial date with retired Judge Robert Wilson of Bryan, Ohio by falsely claiming that had been previously scheduled by Judge Aleta Trauger of the Federal District Court in Nashville.
When Judge Trauger was provided with a copy of E.J. Leizerman’s fabricated/false motion, she provided a written letter stating that no such trial had been scheduled. Judge Trauger went on to state that she was scheduled to be on vacation on the date E.J. Leizerman falsely stated she had scheduled a trial.
Attorney E.J. Leizerman’s involvement in Michigan No-Fault matter
The following facts deal with attorney E.J. Leizerman’s involvement in a Michigan No-Fault matter involving a lady that took place in Jan. 1987. Leizerman was employed to defend against attorney David R. Pheils’ lawsuit wherein he claimed he was entitled to 30% of all medical bills paid by Nationwide for the balance of this woman’s life.  Pheils made this sham claim, even though under Michigan law Nationwide was required to pay all medical bills and in fact did so voluntarily.
  • Leizerman employed 1988 to defend v Pheils’ lawsuit and lawsuit v trucking company
  • Leizerman acknowledges early on that Pheils is a crooked attorney
  • Judge James Bates of Lucas County schedules trial on Pheils’ claims for Oct. 20, 1991
  • Leizerman abandons client on morning of trial by not appearing
  • Ethics complaints v. Leizerman filed for egregious misconduct
Attorney E.J. Leizerman’s false testimony in Delaware Common Pleas Court
Several months after an ethics complaint was filed against E.J. Leizerman in early 1992, attorney Dale Crandall commenced a legal action in Delaware Common Pleas Court against Ok Sun’s daughter. Now retired Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. presided over this matter. The following then took place:
  • Judge Shaw scheduled a hearing which was attended by Ok Sun’s husband
  • After the hearing, Crandall files sham criminal complaint v. husband claiming he “keyed” his car while it was parked in the courthouse parking lot
  • Trial was subsequently held before then Delaware Municipal Court Judge Everett Krueger
  • Peter Ruffing acted as the prosecutor in the case
  • After Crandall’s cross-examination by husband, Mr. Ruffing commented that Crandall’s testimony was inaccurate
  • Mr. Ruffing then asked for documents proving said perjury and met with Judge Krueger
  • After the lunch break, Judge Krueger dismissed the case based on the false testimony of Crandall
  • Subsequently, Crandall was sued for malicious prosecution and the case was assigned to Judge Krueger after he won election to the Common Pleas Court.
  • At the trial on this matter, E.J. Leizerman appeared as a witness on Crandall’s behalf. As a result of Leizerman’s false testimony, a motion to find him guilty of criminal contempt was filed and a hearing was held.
  • At the conclusion of the contempt hearing, Judge Krueger found E.J. Leizerman guilty of perjury and sentenced him to 30-days in jail and fined him $250. It was obvious to any observer at the hearing that Judge Krueger was extremely upset that an officer of the court would knowingly give perjured testimony.
Due to some procedural errors, the conviction was subsequently reversed by Judge Krueger; however, the fact that E.J. Leizerman knowingly perjured himself didn’t change.
I could go on with many, many more provable examples of the egregious misconduct that E.J. Leizerman has cheerfully engaged in over the years to unjustly enrich himself.
After reviewing thousands of cases of attorney misconduct (ca. 1982-2009) I can safely say that Mr. E.J. Leizerman is one of the most dishonest attorneys to have ever practiced law. It is indeed unfortunate that the powers-to-be in Ohio have not displayed the necessary courage to disbar Leizerman when they possessed irrefutable evidence of his misdeeds in the mid-nineties.
If you’ve been a victim of Mr. E.J. Leizerman, please drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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