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Trump’s plans to Eliminate Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions


Over the past several weeks, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has been venting his anger at Beauregard for recusing himself from the investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and any collusion involving The Don, members of his family and various Trump Toadies.


When The Don appointed Beauregard he was assured that he would be a loyal lackey who could be trusted to do whatever was necessary to assure that there would never be a “real” investigation into Russiagate. Of course, Beauregard’s recusal ended up with the subsequent appointment of Bob Mueller as Special Counsel in the investigation of Trump, et al.


One doesn’t need to be possessed with superior mental acuity to understand what The Don has in mind for Beauregard the Mr. Mueller’s ongoing investigation. I’m fairly confident that The Don’s plan to exonerate himself and everyone associated with him as it relates to any criminal liability is as follows:

  • Fire Beauregard if he refuses to resign
  • Make a “recess appointment” to replace Beauregard while the U.S. Senate is on recess
  • Obtain commitment from new AG that he/she will immediately fire Mueller
  • Obtain promise from new AG that he/she will issue a cease and desist order regarding the ongoing Russiagate investigation
  • Promise from new AG that he/she will order that all documents, transcripts of interviews, and tapes of phone calls in the possession of Mueller’s office be immediately turned over to the White House

These actions by The Don will create quite a stir in DC, especially among Democrats and lifelong Justice Department employees. However, it will surely play well with Trump’s low I. Q. devotees.


Moreover, we can expect that The Don will defend his egregious conduct by blaming the Fake Media, Hillary Clinton surrogates and the Democratic Party for putting out false reports that he and/or his family members and associates conspired with the Russians to help him win the 2016 presidential election.


And lastly, don’t place any bets on any Republicans in the Senate or House to show any courage by publicly announcing support for the impeachment of The Don. They’re willing to live with him as long as he is physically capable of holding a pen and signing his name as he is instructed to do.


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