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Georgia Rep. Tom Price; congenital liar; moron, ethical gremlin

Rep. Tom Price is another right-wing zealot who finds it convenient to spew forth falsehoods in an effort to defeat healthcare reform.
A cursory review of the myriad lies put forth by Rep. Tom Price clearly indicates that he’s nothing more than a whore (my sincerest apologies to hardworking and ethical whores) for the health insurance industry.
As expected, in addition to prostituting his services (aka, votes) to the health industry, Rep. Tom Price is a licensed orthopedic surgeon. Given the disservice he has visited upon many of his constituents in spewing forth these lies, it might be more palatable to them if he was a practicing proctologist if y’all know what I mean.
In acting as the Chief Whore for the Health Industry during debate on the healthcare reform bill, Rep. Tom Price spewed forth the following falsehoods/fabrications:
  • “This bill – on page 94 – will make it illegal for any American to obtain healthcare not ‘approved’ by Washington.
  • “This bill – on page 301 – will force Americans to purchase the health coverage that Washington picks, not that you select for yourselves.
  • “This bill – on pages 297 & 313 – places job-killing taxes on virtually every single business.
  • “This bill – on page 211 – will force millions of Americans to lose their current personal, private health coverage.
  • “This bill – comes with a price tag of $1.3 trillion, which will be borne by our children and our grandchildren.
  • “This bill – on page 520 – slashes billions of dollars from Medicare that will necessitate healthcare rationing for seniors.
  • “And this bill – on page 733 – empowers the Washington bureaucracy to deny life-saving patient care if it costs ‘too much’ (source: Ruth Markus – Washington Post http://tinyurl.com/yb7fxrn)
The above utterly false statements would be akin to Rep. Tom Price claiming that the late Jeffrey Dahmer was a practicing vegetarian. Here tell that Jeffrey's rump roast was second to none!
Each of the statements made by Rep. Tom Price as set forth above is provably false. In fact, a cursory reading of the pages he cites demonstrates the falsity of his comments.
Back in the day (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio) when I attended Rosary Cathedral elementary school, my friends and I would have persuaded Tom Price that it wasn’t nice to tell lies. In fact, we would have taken Tom down to the Ten Mile Creek and treated him to what they now call “water-boarding” until he had a change of heart. I’m confident that after one initial dunking that ol’ Tom would have immediately changed his habit of lying.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with Rep. Tom Price disagreeing with the pending healthcare reform legislation. However, to do so by engaging in outright lies and total fabrications is proof positive that he is not only a certified moron but also ethically in the tank.
And lastly, this ol’ Dawg has been a registered Republican since 1965; however, degenerate liars like Rep. Tom Price and those of his ilk (FYI: Tom, ilk doesn’t mean male Elk!) make me feel ashamed to call myself a Republican.
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