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Judge Robert Freedman of Oakland a scofflaw; serial liar, moron, ethically destitute

Unfortunately for the residents of Alameda County California (Oakland), Judge Robert Freedman has been sitting on the bench since 1996.
In 2006, the California Judicial Commission embarked on an investigation of egregious misconduct involving Judge Robert Freedman.
Under California law, judges are expected to decide matters submitted to them within 90 days of submission, and are prohibited from receiving their salaries during times when they have undecided matters under submission for more than 90 days.
After conducting an investigation, masters appointed by the Judicial Commission concluded Judge
Robert Freedman’s failure to complete his assigned duties on a timely basis and his submission
of false affidavits (aka, perjury) were conduct “prejudicial to the administration of justice that brought the judicial office into disrepute.”  Oh yeah, sure it did!
Judge Robert Freedman attesting to false affidavits
The Commission ruled that Judge Robert Freedman executed and submitted false state and county affidavits during the periods June 2000 to April 2001, August 2002 to February 2003, June 2003 to August 2004, and October 2004, all periods in which Judge Freedman allegedly had matters under submission upon which he had not ruled for more than 90 days.
In total, it appears that Judge Robert Freedman submitted approximately sixty (60) false affidavits for the sole purpose of receiving a paycheck. Under California Criminal law, perjury is a felony punishable by imprisonment for two, three or four years. Put simply, Judge Robert Freedman should have been criminally charged with sixty (60) felonies and imprisoned for at least 120 years. However, since judges are held to a “lower standard of conduct” then we are, Judge Freedman was given a pass for his criminal conduct.
A sample of the egregious nature of the overdue rulings by Judge Robert Freedman that he lied under oath didn’t exist are as follows:
  • Case submitted 03/18/03 – decided 485 days later on 10/13/04
  • Case submitted 07/02/03 – decided 343 days later on 09/07/04
  • Case submitted 03/23/00 – decided 299 days later on 4/16/01
  • Case submitted 09/11/03 – decided 256 days later on 08/22/04
  • Case submitted 11/25/03 – decided 254 days later on 11/03/04
  • Case submitted 05/06/02 – decided 179 days later on 1/31/03
Judicial Commission Punishment of Judge Robert Freedman
The enablers and apologists working for the benefit of Judicial Misfits punished Judge Robert Freedman by presenting him with a complimentary “severe” public censure. They so acted despite issuing the following ruling: (source: http://tinyurl.com/ykpvgsr)
“Judge Freedman’s misconduct is grave, and has had an obvious adverse impact on the public’s perception of the integrity of the judiciary and on the administration of justice. We believe an objective observer would be shocked and angered that Judge Freedman repeatedly signed salary affidavits without thinking, “by rote,” and with reckless disregard for the truth of the statements he was making. Moreover, his numerous and sometimes lengthy decisional delays harmed individual litigants and had an adverse impact on the administration of justice in Alameda County.”
“A judge who executes a salary affidavit affirming he or she has no overdue rulings should take care to ensure that the statement is true when it is made. There is no question Judge Freedman knew the law, or he signed the state and county affidavits for the express purpose of receiving his salary. It is unjudicial and damaging to the public esteem for judicial office for a judge to submit false statements to obtain salary to which the judge is not then entitled.”
These six (6) buffoons (my apologies to buffoons) then went on to state in part:
  • “There is no evidence that Judge Freedman lacks integrity”
  • “The esteem of his peers (aka, enablers/apologists for judicial misfits) and his work ethic, suggest he is capable of reform” 
How in the hell could anyone with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone even suggest that there was no evidence that Judge Freedman lacked “integrity” and/or that he had a good “work ethic,” when he submitted at least 60 false affidavits and delayed rulings by as much as 18 months?
One Commission member, Mr. Jose C. Miramontes voted for the removal of Judge Robert Freedman from the bench. Kudos to Mr. Miramontes for so acting!
Sadly, this serial liar and louse continues to sit on the bench in Alameda County.


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