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Rev. Pat Robertson: Today’s “Homophobe” Award Winner


This isn’t the first and certainly will not be the last Award presented to Patty. In fact, in the past, he has been the recipient of eleven (11) Awards in various categories and/or the subject of opinion pieces. Those awards and opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


As is the case with most lying buffoons (my apologies to buffoons), Patty learned how to fabricate false facts by attending Yale Law School. However, Patty was so ignorant that he failed to pass the New York bar exam, which then led him to pursue a career in the second most honest profession, which was the ministry.


Rev. Patty has made millions over the years attacking Gay folks and any other minority group that he believes will inure to his financial benefit.


In a laughable attempt at redemption, Patty recently forced YouTube.com to take down a video wherein he attacked members of the gay community.


The video in question related to a question from a 700 Club viewer who asked Patty about contracting AIDS if she transported an elderly man who was infected with the AIDS virus. In response, Patty the Homophobe said:


“In my own experience, our organization sponsored a meeting years ago in San Francisco where trained security officers warned me about shaking hands because, in those days, certain AIDS-infected activists were deliberately trying to infect people like me by virtue of rings which would cut fingers and transfer blood.”


Of course Patty’s statement about AIDS infected activists running around with rings in order to cut and then infect innocent folks is pure BS. However, the false statement likely brought in a few hundred thousand dollars in contributions from like-minded Homophobes.



Congrats Patty; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Accomplished “Homophobes”; you are far too humble.


  • Bigot Award Winner = 1
  • Lunatic Award Winner = 1
  • Rodney Dangerfield Award Winner = 4
  • Screwball Award Winner = 1
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  • Rev. Pat Robertson acting as pimp for Rev. Sean Hannity and Michael Savage – Art.150 – Dawg Opinions
  • Consensus 1st Team All-American Homophobes – 2010 – Top 10 Awards
  • GOP releases future list of “White is Right” nominees for Supreme Court – Art. 74 – Dawg Opinions 




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