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Sean Hannity: Great American? Was Charles Manson respected humanitarian?

After I’ve ingested some medicinal marijuana (it’s legal here in California), and “only” after I’ve so acted (normally I spice it up with some crystal meth or Zanax) to be safe, am I able to tune the radio dial to 650 AM here in Sacramento to listen to the maniacal rants (is there another kind?) of Mr. Sean (aka, The Sissy/Wimp/Pussy/Loser/Sorry Ass) Hannity.

Over and over again, the morons (my sincerest apologies to all ya morons out there) that call in to Sean Hannity’s radio show, start off by saying, “Sean, you’re a Great American.” This hyperbolic comment (for you morons, means BS) causes Sean to then respond, “So are you.”
In truth, Sean Hannity wouldn’t recognize a Great American if one waltzed into his radio studio and slapped him upside the head.
If Sean Hannity is truly a “great American” for spewing forth false and/or fabricated commentary on the Fox News Network, then all of the following folks are also “Great Americans” in regards to their heroic and patriotic conduct over the years.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer for exposing vegetarian diets as pure bunk
  • Nevada Sen. John Ensign as a certified family values hypocrite
  • Idaho Sen. Larry Craig as America’s premier restroom aficionado  
Back in the day as they say (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio) me and my school friends didn’t take kindly to liars, hypocrites and defamers like Sean the Sissy (SS) Hannity. In fact, we’d have taken Sean down to the 10-mile creek and water-boarded the som-bitch until he learned it wasn’t nice to spew forth false commentary about others.
Trust me folks, one dip into the Ten-Mile Creek on Manhattan Blvd. in Toledo, Ohio would have been all that was required to permanently change the conduct of Sean the Sissy (SS) Hannity.
Given the opportunity, this ol’ Dawg (65-years-old) as we speak, wouldn’t hesitate to “bitch-slap” Sean Hannity for his opportunistic and monetarily motivated spewing forth of false and/or totally fabricated facts.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the state of affairs (ca. Nov. 2009) that mealy-mouthed liars and losers like Sean Hannity and of those of his ilk (FYI: Ilk doesn’t mean male ELK Sean)  find it acceptable to intentionally divide us by spewing forth falsehoods.
Sean Hannity is an embarrassment to ethical journalists such as Josef Goebbell’s (FYI: Chief Propagandist for the 3rd Reich). In truth, I suspect that Joseph Goebbell’s would be thoroughly embarrassed and rightfully so at the despicable, self-serving, monetarily-motivated conduct of Sean Hannity.
And lastly, Sean, do me a favor and invite me to personally appear on your so-called Fox News Show live so that I can have an opportunity to prove to the idiots that tune in, that you’re nothing more than a mealy-mouthed, money-grubbing SOB that would say and/or do anything to enrich yourself.
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