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Rep. Burt Solomons of Carrolton, TX; scofflaw, moron, arrogant whatchamakallit


Here we go again!!! Rep. Burt Solomons is yet another so-called lawyer that was successful in scamming the voters in the Carrolton, Texas area into electing him to the 65th District of the House of Representatives in the mid-nineties.
It is absolutely amazing that Texas legislators who have law degrees are universally afflicted with the inability to decipher (means understand Rep. Burt Solomons!!!) simple English terms contained in the Texas Campaign laws that prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal use.
Maybe this ol’ Watchdawg should contact some his friends down in Texas and see if we can’t put together a few buck to develop a reliable prophylactic device that would tend to limit the amount of certified morons with law degrees from being elected to the legislature in the future.
Section 253.035 of the Texas Election Code prohibits a candidate or officeholder from converting campaign contributions to his/her personal use.
In addition, Ethics Opinion No. 104, which specifically prohibits the use of campaign funds to pay for food/groceries/beverages, dry cleaning, laundry, cleaning supplies and/or personal items while residing in Austin during legislative sessions.
Even though he knew or should have known (legal speak) it was illegal to use campaign funds to pay for food, beverages and/or cleaning supplies by a legislator while living in Austin, Rep. Burt Solomons knowingly violated that law as set forth below.
1.            Walmart,20070106,62.46,household items for Austin apt
2.            CVS Pharmacy,20060618,4.64,items for Austin apt
3.            CVS Pharmacy,20060621,26.89,items for Austin apt
4.            Walmart,20060408,54.81,items for Austin apt
5.            Walmart,20050824,12.90,items for Austin apt
6.            HEB Central Market,20010108,120.52,food/beverages for Austin apt
7.            Central Market,,,, ,20001115,51.79,food/beverages/cleaning supplies
Rep. Burt Solomon and Arrogance 101
Sometime in late 2006 or early 2007, Rep. Burt Solomons formulated the opinion that due to his exalted status as a Texas state legislature that it was beneath his dignity and/or that of his spouse to perform menial tasks like cleaning up his apartment in Austin.
This apartment in Austin didn’t cost Rep. Burt Solomons one lousy nickel since he cheerfully used campaign funds to pay the monthly lease. In addition, Rep. Burt Solomons used campaign funds to pay the utilities and cable TV costs for his contributor-funded apartment.
  • 2009 = $74.69 x 8 = $597.52
  • 2008 = $74.69 x 13 = $970.97
  • 2007 = $74.69 x 15 = $1,120.35
Now folks, do ya think that Rep. Burt Solomons employed a maid service in Carrolton to clean up his messes? I seriously doubt that he did because had he so acted, Rep. Burt Solomon would have had to pay for this service with his own personal funds.
Yes indeedy!!! It would appear that Rep. Burt Solomons is of the empirical opinion that his “bowel movement is without odor,” if y’all know what I mean.



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