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Rep. Todd Smith of Euless; scofflaw, certified moron, ethical twerp

Rep. Todd Smith is yet another attorney in the Texas legislature that lacks the mental capacity to understand the Texas Election laws.
In 1996, Rep. Todd Smith succeeded in scamming the voters in the Euless area (about 20 miles north of Fort Worth) into electing him to the to electing him to the Texas State House of Representatives.
Section 253.035 of the Texas Election Code prohibits a candidate or officeholder from converting campaign contributions to his/her personal use.
Unfortunately, Rep. Todd Smith was unable to comprehend the simple term “personal use” in regards to prohibited use of campaign funds. Rep. Todd Smith claims on his official web site that he graduated magna scum laude, I’m sorry I mean cum laude from SMU (Southern Methodist University). Rep. Todd Smith then obtained his law degree from the Univ. of Texas in Austin.
Despite the educational credentials that Rep. Todd Smith likes to tout on his web site, he engaged in serial violations of the Texas Campaign laws by illegally using campaign funds to pay for the gym memberships from 2003 through 2007 that are listed below.
1.            Pure Austin Fitness, 20070112,120.00,Gym membership in Austin
2.            Pure Austin Fitness, 20070306,351.81,Gym membership in Austin
3.            Pure Austin Fitness ,20060424,15.00,Gym membership
4.            Pure Austin Fitness, 20060424,120.00,Gym membership
5.            ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050411,63.87,Gym membership
6.            ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050110,226.25,Gym application
7.            ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050210,63.87,Gym membership
8.            ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050310,63.87,Gym membership
9.            ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050411,63.87,Gym membership dues
10.       ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050524,10.30,Gym membership
11.       ABC - Pure Austin Gym, 20050110,226.25,Gym application
12.       Power House Gym of Austin,20030110,541.25,6 month gym membership
In a recent case involving Judge Mario Ramirez for his illegal use of campaign funds to pay for a gym membership, the Texas Ethics Commission ruled as follows:
Using campaign or officeholder funds to purchase a gym membership furthers an individual purpose not connected with the performance of duties or activities of a candidate for or holder of a public office. Therefore, there is credible evidence of violations of section 253.035(a) of the Election Code with regard to both expenditures for membership fees and dues to the fitness center.
To view an article re: the illegal conduct involving Judge Mario Ramirez of Edinburg, Texas go to the URL listed under the article below.
Is Edinburg, TX Judge Mario Ramirez a scofflaw; moron and ethical gnome? Yes!
At the same time that he was elected to the state legislature in 1996, Rep. Todd Smith opened a law firm in Bedford called “The Todd Smith Law Firm.” One can safely assume that Rep. Todd Smith earns a significant income from his law firm, right? However, when it comes time to pay for his own personal “gym membership,” Todd believes it is appropriate to engage in criminal conduct by illegally using campaign funds to defray annuals dues of about $300. What a loser!
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