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Rush Limbaugh: Today’s “Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller” Award Winner

Congratulations to….
Rush Limbaugh
Today’s “Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller” Award Winner
FYI: Joseph Goebbels was the quintessential truth-teller during his tenure as chief purveyor of propaganda for the Third Reich prior to and during World War II.
This isn’t the first and certainly will not be the last Award presented to Rush. In fact, in the past, he has been the recipient of fifteen (15) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.
Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh will say anything, and I mean anything regardless of its falsity if he believes it will play well with the morons that tune into his Comedy show on a daily basis.
The Doper recently feigned outrage when former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin came out to support him in his run to become New York City’s next Mayor. Towards that end, The Doper said:
  • “Huma Abedin is doing everything she can to make sure that women are seen as stepping stones and doormats.”
  • “Democrat women lead the way in showing other women how to be stepped on and diminished by men.”
  • “That’s what they do, for a payoff somewhere down the line.”
Apparently, in The Doper’s demented mind, if you’re a so-called Born Again right-wing Christian then it’s perfectly acceptable for a wife to be used as a doormat. Seemingly, the following Family Values Hypocrites did the right thing when they stepped all over their wives, albeit in a Christian way.
  • Sen. David “I loves hookers” Vitter of Louisiana
  • Former Speaker of the House Newt ("3 Wives") Gingrich
  • Former New York Mayor Rudolph ("The Philanderer") Giuliani
  • Former U.N. Ambassador John “The Swinger” Bolton
  • Right Rev. Ted “I like male hookers” Haggard
Congrats Rush; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Most Disrespected “Truth-Tellers”; you are far too humble.
  • Bigot/Racist Award Winner = 1
  • Bullshit Award Winner = 3
  • Screwball Award Winner = 2
  • Rodney Dangerfield Award Winner = 2
  • Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller Award Winner = 3
  • Lunatic Award Winner = 1
  • Narcissist Award Winner = 1

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