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Rep. Sylvester Turner of Houston, scofflaw, moron, ethical gimp


Rep. Sylvester Turner succeeded in duping the voters in the Houston area into electing him to the 139th District in the Texas House of Representatives in 1988. Sadly, he has been sucessful in pooling-the-wool over the voter's eyes in being re-elected nine (9) or more times thereafter.
Section 253.035 of the Texas Election Code prohibits a candidate or officeholder from converting campaign contributions to his/her personal use.
In addition, Ethics Opinion No. 104, which specifically prohibits the use of campaign funds to pay for food/groceries/beverages, dry cleaning, laundry, cleaning supplies and/or personal items while residing in Austin during legislative sessions.
Despite these prohibitions, Rep. Sylvester Turner repeatedly violated Texas Campaign laws by using campaign funds to pay for drying cleaning while in Austin. Those illegal expenditures are as follows:
  • Pressed 4 Time, 20070320, 40.09, Rep. Turner's Cleaning
  • Pressed 4 Time, 20070423, 12.67, Rep. Turner's
  • Pressed 4 Time, 20070503, 14.78, Rep. Turner's
  • Pressed 4 Time, 20070522, 13.00, Rep. Turner's 
  • Pressed 4 Time, 20070604, 14.45, Rep. Turner's Cleaning
It is quite obvious that Rep. Sylvester Turner lacks the intellectualism to understand the simple term in the ethics laws clearly state that a legislator is prohibited from using campaign funds to pay for dry cleaning expenses in Austin. To be excrutiatingly fair to Re. Sylvester Turner maybe he was just too busy (aka, Pressed 4 Time) to undertake the arduous task of trying to understand the true meaing of "prohibited" conduct.
On his official legislative web site, Rep. Sylvester Turner feels compelled to tell us that he is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Apparently, while attending Harvard Rep. Sylvester Turner didn’t do well while attending ethics classes. Moreover, it would appear that Rep. Sylvester Turner should have enrolled in a remedial English class well before he ever attended Harvard given his inability to understand simple English words such as “prohibited.”
Over the years I’ve run into quite a few attorneys and/or judges that attended Harvard Law School, and I can tell ya with a straight face that very few of them impressed me with their legal abilities. In fact, I’ve dealt with attorneys and/or judges that have attended law schools at UC Davis, Univ. of Toledo, Akron University and/or Capitol Univ. in Columbus, Ohio that had more on the ball then the vast majority of fools that graduated from Harvard.
At a minimum, I can assure you that these graduates from so-called 2nd tier law schools wouldn’t have had any difficulty in comprehending the meaning of “prohibited” activity.

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