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Was the Ohio Supreme Court purchased by Special Interests?

For all intents and purposes, the Ohio Supreme Court is the quintessential whorehouse in Ohio.
The “special interests” that I’m speaking of would include (a) the Insurance industry, (b) Energy industries, (c) physicians and hospitals, and (d) those persons and/or entities that earn a handsome living acting as enablers and/or apologists for said special interest groups.
It seem apparent to me that sometime in the 1990s or even earlier that these special interest groups determined that it would be less costly to purchase the services of a majority of justices sitting on the Ohio Supreme Court and/or any other State Supreme Court for that matter.
Basic economics would tell us that it is much cheaper to purchase the votes of 5 or 6 justices every six years than it would be to procure the votes of the majority of the 132 members of the Ohio General Assembly every two to four years.
The gurus who run these special interest groups are sage investors. They are not altruistic contributors that are interested in serving the public interest. Their contributions are in fact “investments” in the true sense of the meaning. These investments are made with the sole intent of purchasing favorable rulings from justices of the Ohio Supreme Court that will have the affect of improving their bottom lines (aka, profits).
Since embarking on this investment campaign, these special interests have succeeded in purchasing the services of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and Justices Terrence O’Donnell, Judith Ann Lanzinger, Evelyn Lundberg Stratton and Maureen O’Connor, all of whom are conservative Republicans.
For a detailed look at how Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and his cadre of lackeys and bootlickers as named above have provided handsome returns on the investments of the aforementioned special interest groups, I would invite you to read an article by New York Times reporter Adam Liptak dated Oct. 2, 2006. The story was titled: “Campaign cash mirrors high court’s rulings” and can be found at http://tinyurl.com/le896j.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the workings of the Ohio Supreme Court under the so-called leadership of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer (ca. 1987-2009). As we speak (ca. Oct. 18, 2009), all seven justices of the Ohio Supreme Court are Republicans.
In addition to acting as whores for the special interests that purchased their services, these so-called public-servants (Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, et al.) are unrepentant hypocrites. The shameless hypocrisy is a result of their sham denials that they rule in favor of the special interest that have successfully invested in their services.
Even though Justice Paul Pfeifer is a Republican, the special interests apparently were not particularly interested in purchasing his services. Apparently, Justice Pfeifer was unwilling to act as a reliable lackey and bootlicker for these special interests. Now I must admit that I do not agree with every decision rendered by Justice Paul Pfeifer over the years; however, I have concluded that despite any biases he may or may not have that, he can normally be relied upon to dispense justice and not dispense with it. This equitable demeanor is in sharp contrast to the conduct of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and his fellow-cohorts who have cheerfully and willingly sold their souls to the highest bidders.
I personally would find fault with any State Supreme Court and/or Appellate Court that was dominated by Democrats. Sadly, pronouncements from the judiciary that they are apolitical are pure bunk. When justice is dispensed based on the amount of contributions and/or on one’s social standing, then the term “equal justice for all” is pure hyperbole (aka, BS) at best.
And finally and most importantly, I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to the owners/operators of legal whorehouses and/or the dedicated working gals for the comparisons set forth herein.


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