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Judge Wickham Corwin of Fargo, ND; Ethical Jurist

Judge Wickham Corwin sits as a Cass County District Court Judge in Fargo, North Dakota.
Judge Corwin was assigned to hear a case wherein the Center for Reproductive Rights assisted the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo in challenging the legality of North Dakota legislation that basically put the last abortion clinic in North Dakota out of business.
After a three day trial, Judge Corwin ruled that there was ‘no compelling state interest” justifying the infringement on women seeking to have abortions in North Dakota.
In his July 15, 2013 ruling, Judge Corwin was very critical of Dr. Donna Harrison, a practicing gynecologist saying her “opinions lack scientific support, tend to be based on unsubstantiated concerns and are generally at odds with solid medical evidence.” In short, Judge Corwin considered Dr. Harrison to be a screwy anti-abortionist who would say anything to support her right-wing agenda.
Dr. Harrison has billed the state of North Dakota more than $49,000 to act as an expert witness. Of course it was nothing more than an “act” as Judge Corwin so aptly described it.
Given the hyperbolic (BS) opinions spewed forth by Screwy Donna as an alleged OBGYB expert, maybe she should consider becoming a proctologist.
It is comforting to know that there is a judge who is willing to speak the truth in spanking lunatics like Dr. Harrison and her fellow lunatics that sit in the state legislature.
Kudos to Judge Corwin for having the fortitude to issue a ruling in accordance with the oath of office he took and the ethical rules he is bound to comply with.
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