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Texas Rep. Warren Chisum of Pampa; scofflaw, moron, ethical gremlin

Sadly, Rep. Warren Chisum was elected to the 88th District in Pampa, Texas (55 miles from in 1989.
Rep. Warren Chisum is yet another Texas legislator that lacks the intellectual acumen to appreciate and/or comprehend Texas Campaign laws that prohibit the conversion of campaign funds to personal use.
Texas Ethics Opinion No. 104 of Dec. 10, 1992, specifically prohibits the use of campaign funds to pay for dry cleaning while residing in Austin during legislative sessions.
Despite this opinion in 1992, Rep. Warren Chisum violated this prohibition in 2007. Therefore, it is painfully clear that Rep. Warren Chisum either thumbed his nose at this prohibition or that he is nothing more than a certified moron who was incapable of understanding the simple language contained in said opinion.
In July 2007, Rep. Warren Chisum illegally used campaign funds to pay for dry cleaning expenses while attending legislative sessions in Austin as set forth below.
  1. Garnett Lewis Cleaners,Austin,20070303,19.31,Cleaning
  2. Garnett Lewis Cleaners, Austin 20070314,26.09,Cleaning
  3. Garnett Lewis Cleaners, Austin 20070324,18.86,Cleaning
Outlandish expenditures
In May 2007, Rep. Warren Chisum thought it was appropriate to spend $13,598.99 for “end of the session parties (2). He also found it appropriate to spend $2,700 at Dillards for “gift certificates for office staff.”
I fail to see how any of these outrageous expenditures relate to Warren’s official officeholder duties and/or how it would relate to legitimate campaign expenses. Moreover, extravagant wining, dining and gifting for staff are obscene!
  • Cafe at the Mansion,20070529,3037.41,End of session part
  • Cafe at the Mansion,20070510,561.58,End of session party
  • Dillards,20071219,2700.00,gift certificates for Office Staff
Given the fact that Rep. Warren Chisum produces natural gas/oil and is also a rancher, one can safely assume that he’s a multi-millionaire.
However, it is painfully clear that Rep. Warren Chisum is also a big time cheapskate in that he is unwilling to pay for a measly $18.86 for his own dry cleaning when he can stick-it-to his unwitting contributors.
The same is true in regards to Rep. Warren Chisum hosing his contributors to bankroll extravagant parties for his staff.
Da ya think that Rep. Warren Chisum advised his office staff in December 2007 that he paid for the gift certificates from Dillards Department Store with campaign funds? Yeah, sure he did!
However, I'm confident that Rep. Warren Chisum cheerfully and arrogantly allowed his staff members to actually believe that he paid for these gift certificates with his own funds.

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