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Texas Rep. Marisa Marquez of El Paso; scofflaw; moron, ethical elf

Texas State Rep. Marisa Marquez was elected to represent the 77th District in El Paso in November 2008.
In accordance with Chapter § 254.0612 of the Election Code, for all contributions of $500 or more, a candidate is required to disclose an individual’s principal occupation or job title and full name of the individual’s employer. This requirement went into effect in September 2003.
From 2007 through 2008, Rep. Marisa Marquez violated Texas Election Laws thirty-five (35) specific times by failing to report that occupation and/or job title of contributors. The total amount of contributions was $40,500 as set forth below.
It is difficult to imagine that Rep. Marisa Marquez was totally ignorant of these mandatory disclosure laws given the fact that the Texas Ethics Commission provided her with a copy of the disclosure laws at the time she ascended to the throne in representing the good folks of El Paso.
Given the fact that Rep. Marisa Marquez received a Master’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame, it would be laughable for her to claim she lacked the intellectualism to understand the disclosure laws set forth in the Texas Campaign laws, right?
To be excruciatingly fair to Rep. Marisa Marquez she received her Master’s Degree in “theology,” which as we all know has absolutely nothing to do with complying with the law and/or acting ethically, right?
Below are the 35 instances wherein Rep. Marisa Marquez failed to comply with Texas disclosure laws.
1.      Brown,J. Brown,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79902,,,20081031,2500.00
2.      Francis,Rick,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79923,,,20081031,2500.00
3.      Garcia,Joe,Mr.,,,,Austin,TX,78701,,,20081121,1000.00
4.      Haarraccksingh,Rachel B,Ms.,,,,El Paso,TX,79935,,,20081121,500.00
5.      Hahn,Harold,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79935,,,20081031,1000.00
6.      Howard,Jay,Mr.,,,,Austin,TX,78701,,,20081121,1000.00
7.      Hoy,Robert,Mr.,Jr.,,,EL Pasp,TX,79925,,,20081031,2500.00
8.      Hunt,Woody,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79913,,,20081031,2500.00
9.      LaMantia,Greg,Mr.,,,,McAllen,TX,78502,,,20081208,2500.00
10. Messer,Bill,Mr.,,,,Belton,TX,76513,,,20081121,1000.00
11. Mostyn,John,Mr.,,,,Houston,TX,77007,,,20081208,1500.00
12. Robison,J. Kirk,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79902,,,20081031,500.00
13. Stewart,J.O.,Mr.,Jr.,,,El Paso,TX,79912,,,20081031,1000.00
14. Teran,Maria,Ms.,,,,El PASO,TX,79922,,,20081031,1000.00
15. Vandeburg,Russell,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79912,,,20081031,1000.00
16. Vandeburg,Russell,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79912,,,20081231,1100.00,Office space
17. Bruce,Judy,Ms.,,,,Austin,TX,78701,,,20080320,500.00
18. Capelo,Jaime,Mr.,,,,Austin,TX,78701,,,20080325,500.00
19. Casavantes,Rene,Dr.,,,,El paso,TX,79902,,,20080409,500.00
20. Coleman,Garnet,Mr.,,,,Houston,TX,77288,,,20080324,500.00
21. Jackson Walker LLP,,,,,,Dallas,TX,75202,,,20080325,500.00
22. Kastrin,Deborah,Ms.,,,,El Paso,TX,79902,,,20080512,500.00
23. Shipton,Patricia,Ms.,,,,Austin,TX,78701,,,20080325,500.00
24. Wright,JT,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79925,,,20080401,1000.00
25. Kemp Smith,,,,,,El Paso,TX,79901-1441,,,20080221,500.00
26. Batres,Santiago,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79995,,,20070919,500.00
27. Brown,J. Robert,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79915,,,20071010,1000.00
28. Desai,Jayvant,Mr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79915,,,20071015,1000.00
29. Hoy,Robert,,,,,El Paso,TX,79925,,,20071028,500.00
30. Marquez,J.A.,,,,,El Paso,TX,79907,,,20070914,750.00
31. Marquez,Ricardo,Dr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79936,,,20070915,6000.00
32. Mundy,Gary,Dr.,,,,El Paso,TX,79935,,,20071018,500.00
33. Teran,Maria,,,,,El Paso,TX,79915,,,20071112,1000.00
34. Wright,J.T.,,,,,El Paso,TX,79915,,,20071010,500.00
35. Rosales,Jaime,Mr.,,19718 Alida,,Cerritos,CA,90703,,,20071002,500.00
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