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Should California secede from the U S of A? Damn right they should!


This ol’ Dawg moved to California in 2005. I was born in Columbus, Ohio; however, I relocated to Toledo after five years and lived there for well over 50 years.
As a registered Republican voter of California (registered Republican in Ohio ca. 1965-2004) I am now and have been for many years been thoroughly embarrassed by the so-called Republicans now running the party, the vast majority of whom are total misfits, heretics, womanizers, phony self-serving bible-thumpers and worst of all die-in-the-wool hypocrites, and these are just some of their finer points. These so-called representatives of the Republican Party include US Senators from the original 13 Confederate States as well as several western states.
California has a population in excess of 3.5 million and is represented by two U.S. Senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. The following states have a total population of 39.4 million and are represented by 28 right-wing conservative U.S. Senators, which are set at the end of this article.
I don’t know how you feel but I’m not willing to let 28 certified morons and hypocrites dictate to me and/or my fellow Californians the manner in which we should govern ourselves.
Back in the day as they now like to say (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio), I can assure you that there’s no way in hell that me and/or my cohorts at Rosary Cathedral Elementary School would have allowed two fellers like Senators Ensign of Nevada and David Vitter of Louisiana to impose their so-called morality on fourteen (14) of my fellow students (Vitter/Ensign represent 2.8 million vs. the 38 million California Senators Boxer/Feinstein represent.)
In fact, my friends and I would have treated hypocrites like Senators Ensign and David Vitter to a little water-boarding down at the Ten-Mile Creek that meanders behind the old DeVilbiss factory on Manhattan Boulevard in Toledo for spewing forth the BS they have become infamous for over the years.
It would be farcical for Californians to continue to permit their destiny to be determined by a bunch of right-wing zealots who consistently genuflect (aka, bootlickers and apple-polishers) at the alter of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and/or those alleged dispenses of “fair and balanced” reporting at Fox News (in truth, unfair reporting by unbalanced reporters.)
If the good citizens of California vote to legalize the dispensation of medical marijuana, then it ain’t got anything to do with the folks living in the old South. Put simply, it ain’t none of their damn “bidness.”
Likewise, if the good citizens of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont legalize gay marriage, then that’s their choice. If ya live in any of these states and you disagree with the majority, then I’d suggest you pack-it-up and move back to Lousiana, Mississippi, Georgia or Alabama.
Allowing two certified losers like Senators Ensign and Vitter to impose their will when their constituents are outnumbered 13 to 1 by Californians is absurd. This would be akin to the BCS announcing that LSU (Louisiana State Univ.) would play USC (Univ. of Southern California) for the national championship in Jan. 2010 with the caveat that USC would be limited to fielding one (1) player vs. thirteen (14) for LSU. Think maybe that LSU just might prevail? Hmmm, wonder what the betting line in Vegas would be!
California is the seventh or eight largest economy in the world; therefore, I’m confident that it would survive if it did in fact secede from the Union.
And finally, this ol’ Dawg won’t likely last long enough to witness the unhinging of America as a result of the right-wing hysteria that is now taking place. I surely do worry about what lies ahead for my children, grandchildren and others similarly situated. However, if y’all continue to sit on your collective behinds and give the proverbial wink and a nod to the falsehoods being spewed forth by right-wing zealots and opportunists like Ensign and Vitter, et al., then you’ll continue to “get the government you deserve.”
  • Alaska = 1 – Lisa Murkowski = .3 million
  • Alabama = 2 – Richard Shelby + Jeff Sessions = 4.7 million
  • Idaho = 2 = Mike Crapo + James Risch = 1.6 million
  • Iowa = 1 – Chuck Grassley = 1.5 million
  • Kansas = 2 – Sam Brownback + Pat Roberts = 2.8 million
  • Kentucky = 2 – Mitch McConnell + Jim Bunning = 4.3 million
  • Maine = 2 = 1.3 million
  • Mississippi = 2 – Thad Cochran + Roger Wicker = 2.9 million
  • Nebraska = 1 – Chuck Hagel = .9 million
  • Nevada = 1 – John Ensign = .6 million
  • North Dakota = 1 – Byron Dorgan = .4 million
  • Oklahoma = 2 – James Inhofe + Thomas Coburn = 3.7 million
  • South Carolina = 2 – Lindsey Graham + Jim DeMint = 4.5 million
  • South Dakota = 1 – John Thune = .4 million
  • Tennessee = 2 – Lamar Alexander + Bob Corker – 6.3 million
  • Utah = 2 – Orin Hatch + Bob Bennett = 2.7 million
  • Wyoming = 2 – Mike Enzi + John Barrasso = .5 million
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