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Attorney Lisa Willardson of Henderson, NV; whining loser

The State of Nevada presented Lisa A. Willardson with a law license in 2003 after she graduated from the University of Nevada Law School in Las Vegas.
Lisa was previously employed as a prosecutor in Las Vegas. She subsequently lost her job due to allegations that she was involved in an inappropriate relationship with family court Judge Steven Jones.
Judge Steven Jones is a notorious loser who has been previously disciplined by the Judicial Commission for engaging in a variety of misconduct. For more information re: Judge Jones view the following URL:
Las Vegas Judge Steven Jones, accomplished misogynist, ethical gremlin
Lisa recently filed a lawsuit in federal court to get her job back with the prosecutor’s office. Lisa doesn’t deny having a romantic relationship with Judge Jones; she merely argues that the timeline for the affair preceded her time as an assistant prosecutor. Lisa merely claims that she was defamed by the DA’s office.
Former DA David Roger fired Lisa, claiming she lied about her relationship with Judge Jones.
The vast majority of attorneys are “defamation proof,” therefore; it is rather laughable for Lisa to actually claim she was defamed.
Lisa said, “I desperately wanted my job back," Willardson said. "I wanted my career back. I was born -- I do believe this … -- I really do believe I was born to be a prosecutor and I believe I was put here to do that specific job, and I loved it:”
It’s abundantly clear that no self-respecting law firm in the greater Las Vegas area was about to offer Lisa a good paying job given the fact that she is basically begging to get her old job back.
It will be quite interesting to see if Lisa and her attorney can find a jury in Las Vegas that will buy her laughable claim that she has been defamed.
As we speak (ca. June 2013), Lisa practices with the Willardson Law Group at 112 Water Street in Henderson, Nevada.
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