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Judge Martha Tanner of San Antonio; scofflaw, ethical twerp


Judge Martha Tanner sits on the 166th District Court in San Antonio.
Texas Election laws prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal use. Put simply, campaign funds can only be spent on official officeholder duties and/or for legitimate campaign purposes.
From December 2003 through February 2007, Judge Martha Tanner spent $1,445.88 of campaign funds to purchase imprinted mugs for jurors as set forth below.
  • Ad Image, San Antonio, 20070215, 424.33, Color Imprint and mugs
  • Ad Image, San Antonio 20050607, 327.15, Color Imprint and mugs
  • Ad Image San Antonio,78217,20040910,315.92,Mugs/Jurors/public relations
  • Ad Image San Antonio, 20031208, 381.48, juror mugs
It is patently clear that using campaign funds to purchase “imprinted” mugs for jurors is prohibited conduct under Texas law. Clearly, such expenditures had absolutely nothing to do with Judge Martha Tanner’s official judicial duties. However, it would appear that it had much to do about Judge Martha Tanner’s election and/or reelection campaigns.
The Code of Judicial Conduct in Texas and elsewhere in the country prohibits a judge from communication with jurors in any manner. In fact, this conduct may well be a violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits campaigning in a government building and/or while wearing an official garment (judicial robe)
It must be presumed that court employees were left with the responsibility of handing out these juror mugs and did so while on they were on the government payroll.
Judge Martha Tanner isn’t the only Texas judge that finds it convenient to engage in this type of aberrant behavior. If you go to the URLs below the articles titled below, you’ll find two more.
Is Forth Worth, Texas Judge Kenneth Curry a moron; ethical leper-con and scofflaw?
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