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Judge J. Warren Bettis  of Ohio; scofflaw, certified moron, ethical twerp


Ex-Judge J. Warren Bettis of Columbiana, Ohio spent the vast majority of his life porkin out at the public trough.
From 1965 to 1970 Judge J. Warren Bettis was the county prosecutor in Columbiana County, Ohio.
Sadly, in 1970 Judge J. Warrant Bettis succeeded in duping the voters in Columbiana County to elected him to a judgeship, where he remained until 1986.
Recognizing that he had no opportunity for employment with a credible law firm in Ohio, Judge J. Warrant Bettis donned a pair of industrial-strength knee pads and sought employment as Chief of disciplinary counsel for the Ohio Supreme Court. Unfortunately, his knee-pad routine worked and he was appointed by ex-Chief Justice Frank Celebrezze in 1986.
In 1987, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer defeated Celebrezze and unfortunately became Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. According to news reports, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer ran one of the dirtiest campaigns known to mankind in defeating Chief Justice Celebrezze.
Normally, leftover appointees such as Judge J. Warren Bettis are given the “boot” by the incoming administration. However, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer recognized early on that Judge J. Warren Bettis was a compliant lackey, bootlicker and apple-polisher that could be relied on to dispense attorney/judicial discipline based on directives he would receive from Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
Judge J. Warren Bettis remained as the chief of Ohio’s so-called attorney/judge disciplinary apparatus until 1993.
Immediately after retiring as chief of Disciplinary Counsel for the Ohio Surpeme Court, Judge J. Warren Bettis was again faced with the fact that no reputable law firm would offer him a job. To assure that he could obtain gainful employment, Judge J. Warren Bettis again donned his trusty industrial-strength knee pads in seeking the intervention of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
As a result of his lackey-pan-handling efforts, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer appointed Judge J. Warrant Bettis to the Ohio Court of Claims as a visiting retired judge.
Even though Ohio Supreme Court Guidelines for Visiting Judges as promulgated by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, mandated that local retired judges in the Columbus area be appointed to the Court of Claims to reduce and/or eliminate travel expenses, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer thumbed his nose at his own rules in order to assure he would have a compliant lackey sitting on the Ohio Court of Claims
The distance from Judge J. Warren Bettis’ home in Columbiana to Columbus is 183 miles. In addition to mileage being paid to Judge J. Warren Bettis, Ohio taxpayers were also forced to pay lodging costs of over $140 a night, plus meals. The total cost for travel expenses paid to Judge J. Warren Bettis from 1993 through 2005 was well in excess of $100,000.
Now, folks that’s a rather stiff price for the overtaxed citizens of Ohio to pay to assure that Chief Justice Thomas Moyer was able to pack the Ohio Court of Claims with a complaint lackey and bootlicker such as Judge J. Warren Bettis.
Judge J. Warren Bettis – the Ultimate Workaholic
From 1988 through 2002, Judge J. Warren Bettis had the chutzpah to claim that he worked one-thousand-seven-hundred-fifty (1,750) consecutive eight-hour days at the Ohio Court of Claims. This information was obtained via this judicial watchdog’s review of Judge J. Warren Bettis’ compensation reports.
This ol’ Dawg also reviewed hundreds of Judge J. Warren Bettis’ meal, telephone and lodging records, all of which proved he hardly ever put in an eight-hour work day.
Suffice it to say that Judge J. Warren Bettis is a certified serial thief.
What is most appalling is the fact that Judge J. Warren Bettis was the chief of Ohio’s attorney/judicial disciplinary system for eight years. During that time, Ohio ranked last among all fifty states for disciplining dishonest attorney and judges.
What a loser; albeit one of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer's more reliable losers!
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