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2012 “Lifetime Achievement” Academy Award: Judge Thomas Ramich of NY

Unfortunately, the state of New York presented Thomas Edward Ramich with a law license in 1976 after he graduated from St. John’s University Law School.
Admittedly, the competition for this prestigious Academy Award was quite intense. Put simply, there were many, many deserving candidates, some of whom I’m sure will feel slighted.
Judge Ramich’s career on the bench spanned thirty-one (31) years before he resigned in the face of being removed for engaging in a plethora of egregious misconduct.
Some of Judge Ramich’s finer achievements while on the bench are as follows:
  1. Engaged in ticket-fixing involving family members
  2. Illegally used court employee to perform personal tasks
  3. Repeated uses of demeaning and slanderous comments
  4. Unlawful orders forcing defendants to make contributions to charities of his choice
  5. Allowed his daughter to sit as a juror while presiding over a trial
For additional information regarding Tom’s achievements, go to the URL listed below.
Judge Thomas Ramich of Elmira, NY; ticket fixer, Potty Mouth loser
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