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Is Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina America’s greatest living Statesman?


For anyone to suggest that Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina is a great American hero in falsely calling Pres. Obama a liar, is akin to asserting that Benito Mussolini (aka, Il Duce) was the quintessential moralist and humanitarian in the 1940s.
In her Sept. 16, 2009 article titled: “Liberal Lies about National Health Care: Bonus Joe Wilson Edition, Ann “The Man” Coulter , one of America’s preeminent  truth-tellers), stated that Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina was for all intents and purposes, a “hero” for calling Obama a liar on the house floor.



Can there be any dispute that South Carolina Rep, Joe Wilson is to racial sensitivity what the late Jeffrey Dahmer was to the efficacy of a “vegetarian diet?” Praise the Lord and Pass the hat, so sayeth the Right Reverend and family-values guru Newt Gingrich.
And who better could we rely on in cementing Rep. Joe Wilson’s exalted status as a born-again Christian; family-values-hypocrite than Ann “The Man” Coulter?”? What-a -guy, ol’ Annie is, right?
Ann "The Man' Coulter opined that Rep. Joe Wilson was “America’s greatest living statesman” when he shouted “You lie” during Obama’s recent speech (ca. Sept. 20090) before congress. In Ann Coulter’s demented mind, a certified loser and liar like Rep Joe Wilson was a “hero." Doesn't say much for  a ture hero like Audie Murphy (ca. World War II Medal of Honor winner), right. Hear tell that Audie Murphy was a left-wing, Hollywood-commie symathizer Therefore, was Audie Murphy really a true hero and patriot

Anyone who would actually believe that Rep. Joe Wilson is “America’s greatest living statesman, as Ann “The Man” Coulter asserted, would likely be  a person who is a certified moron (my sincerest apologies to well-intentioned morons),who does not possess an I.Q. in excess of the legal speed limit in a “school zone in downtown Birmingham.”
In supporting the obvious bigoted and racist views of Rep. Joe Wilson, Ann “The Man “Coulter, has forever cemented her exalted status as an apoligist and enabler for practicing racists, bigots, congenital liars, and more importantly, certified morons, who sadly comprise the lion's share of the elctorate in the ol' South (that'd be the ol' Confederacy).  This ol' Dawg is not suggesting that everygood ol' white boy or white gal for that matter, is a die-in-the wool bigot. To so assert, would render this ol' Dawg's credibilty to be worthless.
This ol’ Dawg has personally visited Biloxi, Birmingham, Mobile (on numerous occasions), Memphis, Little Rock, Charlotte, Charleston, WV, El Paso, and Louisville (more times than I can remember), and I can assure you that racism and bigotry in the good ol’ South is alive and doing, unfortunately  quite well (ca. 2008).
It is indeed a rather sad commentary that Ann “The Man” Coulter and those of her ilk (Ilk is not a male Elk, Gov. Haley Barber!) would knowingly and intentionally spew forth outright falsehoods in an ongoing (years-long) effort at stoking racial animus. Of course, you gotta do what ya gotta do to unjustly enrich yourself financially at the expense of others, right Annie?
It is indeed quite troubling to this ol’ Dawg (ca. 1950s forward) that we (And that means you boys and girls) have digressed to the point that the only persons that really count in the good 0l’ U S of A are those that can trace their ancestry to the good o’l White boys that landed on “Plymouth Rock” many, many years ago.
In closing, I really do fear for this country’s future, and more importantly for my grandsons Gregory, Alex, and Trevor (one more  on the way via my Hoolywood producer in LA), and my sole granddaughter Taylor, for the future of a country that is allegedly the “melting pot of the world.” 
As a member of the good ol’ White Boys Club that falsely claims they are in fact superior to the minorities that comprise the majority of Americans, I must admit that I am thoroughly embarrassed at their overt racial animus.
And lastly, if South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson is truly the “hero” that Ann “The Man” Coulter claims his is, then this country (a country this ol’ Boy severed in a war zone in the 1950s) faces more problems in the future than this ol’ codger could ever have envisioned.


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