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Are all Americans entitled to affordable healthcare? Of course not!

The left-wing zealots (aka, commies and Josef Stalin Wannabees) have the chutzpah (means gonad for your morons) to suggest that all Americans should be provided with reasonably priced healthcare.
As we all know, only a Leninist-socialist would actually suggest that all of us are should be eligible to receive medical care at an affordable price.
Clearly, these commie-sympathizers like California Senator Barbara Boxer and those of her ilk (FYI: Ilk doesn’t mean male Elk Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina) actually have the gall to assert that every citizen of the United States is entitled to healthcare.
I’m here to tell ya that if ya can’t afford to pay $10,000 a year in healthcare insurance premiums, then ya surely can’t expect us born-again-Christian, bible-thumpers to feel any empathy for ya.
Moreover, us good ol’ boy congressman from South don’t much give a damn if African-Americans, Asians and in particular Latinos cannot afford to purchase healthcare insurance.
The views of some of America’s most prestigious family-values; born-again-Christian gurus, such as Sean Hannity, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, Rev. Pat Robertson, and more importantly America’s number one religious-moralist Rush Limbaugh, in declaring that good ol’ white folks shouldn’t be taxed to provide  medical care to these ingrates is clearly within bounds, right?
If you’re a good ol’ white boy from Mississippi or Alabama, do you really give a damn if some Latino or even worse, some African-American (we affectionately callem Nigras down here!) don’t much give a damn if some Nigra or S_ _ _ (aka, Latino) is denied life-saving medical care.
I don’t know about y’all, but I was raised a Catholic and received my education through K-12 at Rosary Cathedral Elementary and St. Francis de Sales H.S. in Toledo, Ohio (ca. 1950s – 1960s).
While attending Catholic schools, I was an alter boy and a choirboy. During that time I cannot recall that Bishop George Rehring (now deceased) and/or any of his minions (parish priests) ever ascribed to the notation that African/Asian-Americans and/or Latinos were lesser beings than us good ol’ white boys.
In this ol’ Dawg’s opinion, the right to reasonably priced healthcare is analogous (means similar for you morons) to the right to breath clean air or more importantly the right to free speech.
Of course the right-wing zealots (aka, enablers and apologists for the Insurance industry) put forth the hyperbolic (aka, BS) that America is a capitalist society, and that if the government were to intervene to assure that all of us regardless of race, ethnicity, economic/social status and/or sexual preferences were afforded the right to affordable healthcare, such conduct would be akin to communistic socialism.
If this be true, then shouldn’t a state and/or local tax be imposed on those of us (aka, ingrates and commie-pinkos) who have the audacity to demand that we be provided with clean and safe air to breath?
And lastly, if ya can’t afford to pay for medical care, then we good ol’ white boys down here in Mobile, Alabama and/or Stone Mountain, Georgia have a message for ya, and that message is “y’all can kiss my derriere.”
Don’t ya just hate those damn immigrants, Delmas? Damn sure do, Delmas, sez Luther.  Praise the Lord and pass the hat!
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