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Judge Leonard Davis of Tyler, Texas; outlaw, moron, ethically inept

Unfortunately, Judge Leonard Davis previously sat on the 12th District Court of Appeals in Tyler, Texas.
Even more unfortunate is the fact that Judge Leonard Davis now sits as a Federal District Judge in the Eastern District of Texas located in Tyler.
Judge Leonard Davis was sadly nominated to the federal bench by President George W. Bush in January 2002.
Texas Ethics Laws limits the expenditure of campaigns funds to legitimate campaign activities and/or official officeholder duties. In other words, campaign funds cannot be used for purposes that are clearly personal in nature.
Gun purchase – Security costs = $2,154.71
The purchase of weapons (guns) by Judge Leonard Davis is clearly a personal choice and therefore violates Texas Ethics laws.
On July 27, 2005, Lenny spent $1,189.13 to purchase some kind of weapon at Mac’s Gun Shop in Tyler, Texas. Judge Leonard Davis then went back to Mac’s Gun Shop on Sept 26, 1996 and spent another $509.90, and then on July 12, 2006 he spent $22.68 (for bullets?). The $433 spent by Judge Leonard Davis for judicial security with East Texas Alarm must have been for Lenny’s home, therefore, this is also a personal expenditure.
  • East Texas Alarm Inc, 20070619, 433.00, Judicial Security
  • Mac's Gun Shop, 20060926, 509.90, Judicial Security
  • Lock and Load, 20050712, 22.68, Judicial Security
  • Mac's Gun Shop, 20050727, 1189.13, Judicial Security 
Cable TV service for Court Chambers = $2,498.71
If Judge Leonard Davis wants to watch ESPN or reruns of All in the Family on Cox Cable in his chambers, that’s his personal choice. However, there can be no doubt that the use of campaign funds by Judge Leonard Davis for cable TV in his court chambers constitutes an illegal conversion of campaign funds for personal use.
  • Suddenlink Cable, 20061128, 650.65, Chambers Cable Service
  • Cox Communications, 20051221, 631.81, Chambers Cable
  • Cox Communications, 20041130, 636.06, Chambers Cable Service
  • Cox Communications, 20030225, 580.19, Installation & Pre-pay Cable Service
Chambers Equipment/Furnishings/Decorations = $21,044.29
Here we have Judge Leonard Davis spending campaign funds to refurbish the break room in his chambers at the federal courthouse by purchasing a dishwasher, and electric range and miscellaneous equipment to the tune of $2,044.66.
If Judge Leonard Davis desires to have a full kitchen setup in his chambers, then that’s his personal choice and problem. Judge Leonard Davis certainly cannot be allowed to use campaign funds to do so!
  • Beck Plumbing Company, 20061201, 55.00, Chamber’s Dishwasher Repair
  • Lowe's, 20060222, 321.50, Chamber’s Break room Dishwasher
  • Walmart, 20051208, 148.24, Chambers Christmas Decorations
  • 20040712, 315.00, Refininish Break room Table
  • Paul's Framing, 20041214, 680.70, Re-framing Chambers Postage Stamp Display
  • Stein Mart Inc, 20040227, 158.19, Chambers Furnishings
  • Hughes, Lorie, 20030928, 250.00, Reimburse Office / Kitchen Supplies
  • Art and Frame Source, 20030322, 4324.89, Court Furnishings
  • Best Buy, 20030321, 941.74, TV/VCRs for Court
  • Crandale Galleries, 20030327, 1086.56, Court Furnishings
  • Designers Resource Center, 20030320, 716.07, Courtroom Furnishings
  • Front Street Antique Mall, 20030222, 362.64, Office Furnishings
  • Paul's Custom Framing, 20030422, 150.30, Office Furnishings
  • Shelton Brothers Hardware, 20030208, 56.99, Space Heater
  • Brookshire’s Grocery Company, 20020818, 55.74, Chambers Break room Supplies
  • Karl's Cameras Inc, 20020913, 108.24, Photo Frames for Chambers
  • Karl's Cameras Inc, 20021008, 116.88, Frames for Chambers
  • Lowes Home Centers Inc, 20021004, 445.36, Electric Range for Chambers Break room
  • Radio shack, 20021008, 232.64, Intercom for Chambers
  • Republic of Tea, 20021004, 269.95, Chambers Furnishings
  • Target Stores, 20021008, 712.80, Chambers Break room Equipment
Chambers plants/furnishings = $8,868.23
Judge Leonard Davis also found it appropriate to use nearly $9,000 in campaign funds to purchase flowers and plaints for his federal courtroom chambers.
Patently, this is yet another personal expenditure having absolutely nothing to do with Judge Leonard Davis’ official judicial duties. To suggest otherwise would be laughable! Below are the specific expenditures of campaign funds made by Judge Leonard Davis.
  • Greenleaves, 20050202, 321.50, Chambers Plant Rental / Maintenance
  • L'Amour Des Fleurs, 20050523, 1781.80, Replace Chambers' live plants with artificial plants
  • All About delivery Service, 20050523, 350.00, Delivery and set-up of chambers plants
  • Greenleaves, 20040712, 320.76, Chambers Plant Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20041130, 320.76, Plant Maintenance
  • L'Amour Des Fleurs, 20041028, 40.16, Chambers Supplies
  • Greenleaves, 20040211, 301.32, Chambers Plant Rental / Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20040429, 301.32, Chambers Plant Maintenance / Rental
  • L'Amour Des Fleurs, 20040407, 483.87, Chambers Furnishings
  • L'Amour Des Fleurs, 20040615, 749.09, Chambers Furnishings
  • Greenleaves, 20030730, 302.02, Chambers Plants Rental/Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20031126, 513.00, Chambers Plant Rental / Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20030127, 302.02, Chambers Furnishings
  • Greenleaves, 20030422, 303.02, Court Plant Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20030527, 302.02, Court Plant Maintenance
  • L'Amour Des Fleurs, 20030320, 1726.58, Courtroom Furnishings
  • Greenleaves, 20020720, 113.40, Chambers Plant Maintenance
  • Greenleaves, 20021016, 650.59, Chambers Furnishings
Maybe Judge Leonard Davis will just claim he’s a born-again flower-child if ya know what I mean in trying to justify these absurd expenditures.
Unfortunately, the good folks in and around Tyler, Texas are stuck with this unethical moron sitting on the bench for the balance of his miserable life. Good luck!

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