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The City Paper [Toledo] – June 14, 2000 – Legal Trouble in Mongolia

By Alan Abrams
A Maumee man has the site for you
Picture this: You’re sitting at the PC in Mongolia, and you want to an Internet search on Judicial or legal ethics. So you type in the key words, “dishonest judge” or “dishonest attorney,” on Yahoo or any of two dozen search engines worldwide.
The first match you get back is the Web site created and operated by a 55-year-old Maumee man from his home. The site is No. 1 on every search engine in the country and 14 foreign ones.
David Palmer’s website, www.amoralethics.com, is the entry point into The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Attorney and Judges. It has made him an Internet celebrity with a world-wide reputation.
During one week in April, users in Ulaanbataar; Mongolia (at the Legal Retraining Center), and Jakarta, Indonesia, signed on a members of Palmer’s virtual committee. The association has members in “Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Australia. In every province in Canada. There’s not one state which we haven’t had a request,” said Palmer.
What’s even more amazing is that he runs it be himself. “I get 30 requests a day. Some may take me up to 4 or 5 days to respond.” Many of those requests come from journalism schools and news media. Recently, the media has discovered Palmers, and he’s been interviewed on Ohio Public Radio and talks shows statewide.
The FedEx and UPS drivers know Palmer, too. That’s because he requests documentation from his correspondents, and gets a ton of overnight mail.
His worldwide admirers are attracted to his site for far more than just updates of Palmer’s well-publicized ongoing feud with Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
In a story reported by statewide media last month, Palmer filed a complaint with Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court against the Chief Justice, accusing him of misconduct in endorsing judicial candidates.
When City Limits called the Chief Justice Thomas Moyer to get his response to Palmer’s allegations, a spokesman from his office said Chief Justice Thomas Moyer declines to comment while the complaint is pending.

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