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Judge John Bass, Sr. of Cairo, GA; bully, serial scofflaw

The State of Georgia presented John William Bass, Sr. with a law license in 1985 after he graduated from Florida State University Law School.
The Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission has charged Judge Bass with the following misconduct.
  1. Failed to comply with the law
  2. Lent the prestige of his judicial office to advance the private interests of others
  3. Failed to act in a manner that promotes confidence in the integrity of the judiciary
  4. Willfully deprived the State of Georgia of receiving statutory surcharges in DUI cases
  5. Illegally engaged in nepotism
  6. Engaged in illegal ex parte (one-sided) communications
  7. Engaged in the unauthorized practice of law (UPL)
Judge Bass’ misconduct also included the following:
  1. Knowingly violated the law by ordering the collection of funds as “Administrative Costs’ from criminal defendants
  2. Bass personally delivered a document to the county demanding a salary increase claiming it was warranted due to the amount of funds he illegally collected
  3. Illegally sentenced first offense DUI defendants to a fine, including costs totaling $300
  4. Illegally sentenced second offense DUI defendants to pay only $600, including surcharges
  5. Appointed his son, William Bass, Jr. to serve as a judge in his absence
  6. Discussed pending DUI matter involving a friend’s brother on Face book
  7. Improperly provided legal advice to a friend involved in a criminal matter
  8. During open sessions of court, asked members in the audience to vote for him in upcoming election
  9. Explicitly exhibited bias/prejudice against Hispanic defendants
  10. Verbally hostile in and out of court towards citizens he believed voted against him
  11. Personally paid a defendant’s fine for shoplifting conviction
  12. Thanked members of the audience in open court for voting for him
  13. Acted in a belligerent manner towards court employees that supported his opponent in the election
  14. In open court, told an attorney who contributed to his opponent’s campaign, “I know you gave money to my opponent. Don’t come back”
  15. In open court, told audience that you’d been falsely accused of having sexual affair with staff member
  16. While sentencing a male defendant, made a nasty comment based upon his biased perception of the defendant’s sexual orientation
  17. Demanded that the Sheriff not permit a bonding company to write bonds because he believed the company was not supporting his candidacy for State Court
  18. Made threats to owners/employees of private probation services company because they would not publicly support him for election and then terminated its state contract in retaliation
  19. Improperly suggested to state prosecutors to dismiss criminal cases because he knew members of the criminal’s family
As we speak (ca. February 2013) Judge Bass remains sitting on the bench in Cairo, Georgia.
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