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Chief Justice Chase Rogers of Connecticut; greedy ingrate

The state of Connecticut presented Chase T. Rogers with a law license in 1983 after she graduated from Boston University Law School.
In January 1998, former Gov. John Rowland was duped into nominating Rogers as a judge on the Superior Court. In early 2006, former Gov. Jodi Rell was duped into nominating Rogers to sit on the Appellate Court. Gov. Rell was duped again in 2007 when he nominated Rogers to be Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.
Rogers clearly wasn’t the most qualified jurist or attorney in Connecticut to sit as an Appellate Judge or Chief Justice. She earned her nominations as a result of acting as a compliant lackey for the local political hacks in Connecticut.
In late 2012, Chief Justice Rogers had the temerity to submit a proposal to the Commission on Judicial Compensation that would raise the salaries of most state judges by $45,000 over the following four years. Those raises would be as follows:
  • Superior Court judge’s salary increase from $147,000 to $192,000
  • Supreme Court Justice’s salary increase from $163,000 to $212,000
The median attorney income for the Hartford area is $91,500 (source: salary.com.) Therefore, Rogers is demanding that a Superior Court judge should be paid 110% more than the average attorney in Hartford. She also demands that her salary should be 231% more than attorneys in Hartford.
In a lame attempt at levity, Rogers supported her money grab by stating, “I believe these recommendations strike a fair balance between adequately compensating the judges and the fiscal realities of our time. Fairness and the need to retain highly qualified jurists require that judicial salaries maintain their value.”
Obviously, Justice Rogers missed her calling as a standup comedian.
To suggest that the taxpayers in Connecticut need to pay judges nearly $200,000 a year because they are “highly qualified” is laughable at best. The vast majority of judges in Connecticut and elsewhere are nothing more than political hacks who gained their judgeships by acting as compliant lackeys and/or gophers for local political hacks.
Justice Rogers’ demands are nothing more than an overt attempt to rape the overburdened taxpayers of Connecticut. This is especially true at a time when other government employees are under a pay freeze.
If Chief Justice Rogers and/or any of her compatriots actually believe they can earn $250,000 or more a year in the private sector, then I’d respectfully suggest that they take a hike. The reason most of them will never remove their significant snouts from the public trough is because no respectable law firm ever offered them anything approaching the salaries they now receive from the state.
Hopefully, the Connecticut legislature will ignore Chief Justice Rogers’ blatant attempt to enrich herself and her fellow jurists at the expense of the public.

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